Countdown to Google+ demolition, "Photos" and "Streams" to separate

SNS "provided by Google"Google+"This service's"Photos"When"StreamsIt has become clear that the two functions are separated. Hangouts initially released as a Google+ communication tool has already been separated from that service and attention is gaining attention in the future direction of Google+ that separated services one after another.

Bradley Horowitz - Google+

Google+ is a SNS where Sergey Brin, one of Google founder, led the development and service began in June 2011. However, compared with other SNS such as Facebook and Twitter, it is not a "popular" situation, and Mr. Thunder Pichai, senior vice president of product at the company, places Google + in the field of communication, photography and streamingI mentioned in the interview about the possibility of divisionwas doing.

Later Bradley Horowitz, who led the company's product team of services such as Gmail and Google Voice at his company, said, "It is true that it is rumored that I will lead Photos and Streams It will become "It becomes clear that Google + is separated into Photos and Streams.

To summarize the remarks of Mr. Pichaai and Horowitz, "Photos" and "Streams" are separated from the photo function and stream function from Google +, but it is clear how the separated functions are managed It is unknown. Also, Mr. Pichai said about the 'Google+ communication' field, there was a Hangout function, but that service has already been separated from Google+ and the future plans are not disclosed.

Following this announcement, "Google+ is dead"Media appeared. It is interesting to see what kind of deployment of Google + will be developed, in which functions such as Photos · Streams · Hangouts are separated one by one.

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