Facebook's emphasis on the next decade is "artificial intelligence" "VR & AR glasses terminal" "Wi-Fi drone"

In addition to its own SNS service, Facebook also has services such as Oculus Rift, Instagram, WhatsApp. Facebook has grown to be said to be the Internet industry giant, furthermoreStarted developing artificial intelligenceOr,Huge drone offering internet to remote areasWe are embarking on developing a number of businesses. Such Facebook's Mark Zuckerburg CEO has entered the Facebook developer event "F8" which is being held from 12th April 2016, and released Facebook roadmap for the next ten years.

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In addition to SNS, Facebook is developing a number of businesses, but Facebook plans to focus on strengthening all the main Facebook ecosystem in the next three years. In the next five years I will work on strengthening the products that accompany Facebook, such as Messenger · WhatsApp · Instagram · Facebook video · search.

Furthermore, in the prospect of the next ten years, we are aiming for practical application of "Internet provision", "artificial intelligence", "VR / AR" technology, and already these ideas that are the foundation are starting.

"Providing the Internet" is a passenger-size "Wi-Fi drone" and free internet service "Free Basics"We aim to offer the Internet environment to remote areas such as Africa with products and services such as. In the field of "artificial intelligence" where development such as artificial intelligence "M" is being advanced, in this eventDeveloper API for Messenger ChatbotWas announced.

In addition, although Facebook is a member of the focused headset "Oculus Rift", the deployment of "VR" technology is also incorporated into the roadmap. Mr. Zuckerberg told all the attendees of the event, "Oculus and Samsung jointly developed"Gear VRThere was also a surprise that we gifted it with Samsung's smartphone as a set.

"VR headsets will eventually be the usual glasses size," Zackerberg expects and believes that VR and AR will be able to be displayed simultaneously through the display of glasses.

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