Review of Sony CSL's free music production app 'Flow Machines Mobile' that learns the melody you typed and automatically composes AI

Sony Computer Science Laboratories (Sony CSL) mobile version of the music production application that was developed 'Flow Machines' in the 'Flow Machines Mobile' delivery, was started from September 9, 2021. Based on the melody that the user typed in, AI will automatically generate a melody that matches the style that the user wants, so I actually touched on what it is like.

Flow Machines – AI assisted music production

It is said that Flow Machines mobile is provided for iOS, but at the time of writing the article, it was possible to install it only on the iPad. Therefore, go to the App Store on your iPad and install the app.

When I opened Flow Machines mobile, I was asked to log in with my SNS account. This time, to log in with your Apple account, tap 'Sign in with Apple'.

Tap 'Continue with password'.

Enter your password and tap 'Continue' to complete the login.

When you log in, you will be asked to register your name, so enter your name and tap 'OK'.

The top screen of Flow Machines mobile looks like this. Since no melody has been generated, we will first create a new 'style palette' that will be the basis of the song. Therefore, tap 'Select Style Palette' at the top left of the screen.

It contains presets for various style palettes. You can choose your favorite style palette from here, but this time tap 'New Palette' to create it from scratch.

The style palette creation flow is displayed, so tap 'Next'.

Enter the name and tempo of the style palette. Select the number of measures from either 4 or 8 measures, select the key and scale, and tap Next.

Determines the chord progression for the number of selected measures.

Next, we will start entering the melody. First, tap the part where 'Capture' is displayed ...

The keyboard will be displayed, so enter the melody for the measure you selected earlier according to the metronome that is playing as voice.

Then tap 'Capture' again and enter the second melody. By performing this work a total of 5 times, the creation of the style palette is completed. AI analyzes and learns the melody you typed in this way.

You can see how to create a style palette in the video below.

Create a 'style palette' that is the basis of songs with the music production application 'Flow Machines Mobile' that learns the melody you typed and automatically composes AI-YouTube

You will be asked if you want to edit the completed melody, so if you want to edit it, tap 'Compose'.

The melody created by AI of Flow Machines mobile looks like this. As the chord progresses, AI will continue to generate melody with 4 or 8 bars as one melody. If you leave it alone, it will be generated endlessly, so tap the playback stop button at the top center of the screen once.

In this state, the melody can be arranged. You can change the pitch and length by directly tapping the red bar that indicates the note.

You can also change the tune with the bar at the top left of the screen. 'Harmony' refers to the degree of match between the chord and the melody, 'Duration' refers to the length of the note, and 'Complexity' refers to the complexity of the melody. For example, if you set Duration from 0.6 to the maximum value of 1.0 and tap 'Compose' ...

A new melody has been created with the length of each note adjusted to be longer.

Besides, you can change the rhythm pattern ...

You can also play the keyboard to check the sound.

If you have a melody you like, you can add it to your favorites by tapping the thumb mark ...

By registering it as a favorite, it will be saved as a MIDI file on the iPad, so you can import it into your favorite music production tool.

Flow Machines mobile was an app that could bring new ideas to those involved in composition. It was fun just listening to how the melody I created would change, and it seemed like I could continue to listen to the presets in the style palette as a work BGM.

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