Application that allows you to easily search for song titles simply by playing a melody

On a smartphoneAn application that allows you to search for song titles by letting you listen to music and hummingIt is convenient when it says, "I heard it but I can not remember the name of the song!", But when I say "One phrase I remember somehow I do not know what song ...", when playing the melody with the keyboard displayed on iPhone or iPad The iOS application that can search for song titles is "Search it out"is.

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Tap "Install" from "Free" and start up the application with "Open".

The top page looks something like this, a keyboard that can be tapped at the bottom of the screen is arranged.

When you touch the keyboard, notes will be displayed in katakana at the top of the screen. Regardless of key or rhythm, just type in a melody OK. The song name search is started from four melodies, and you can search only one phrase such as "From B Mero" "Only Sabi".

You can delete notes one by one by tapping on the upper right triangle ......

Tap one line with the line below to erase all input.

As a test"Tulip"When you enter the melody, the song you were looking for the fourth was displayed. From the melody database of about 30,000 songs, it is possible to discover unexpected things by referring to it from the melody database and displaying a number of similar melody songs.

When you find the song you were looking for, tap the speaker under "Preview" to play the melody, tap the note to get "score".

Then the browser starts up and some notes of the corresponding song are displayed. Tap the song name of the musical score you want to obtain ......

Go to the purchase page of score. For example, Yellow of Kimura Kaela can purchase a score of A3 for 240 yen per sheet, and if you choose one of Family Mart · Lawson · Seven Eleven, you can print at a convenience store and obtain the score.

In addition, iOS application "Search for playing" was originally Yamaha's "Platin music scoreOne of the functions in the website called "application" became an application. You can also use "playing search" with PC keyboard and mouse.

Search it out

If you access the search page you will see a tutorial. You can display the top page by clicking the arrow, and if you put a check in "Do not display next time", you will be able to access the search directly from the next time.

The top page of the PC version looks like this.

If you click the keyboard you can enter the melody ......

When entering with the keyboard, "W ~ [" is assigned to the black keyboard, and "A ~]" is the white keyboard.

If it is hard to understand, click "Show PC key on keyboard" at the bottom of the screen to display the alphabet of the keyboard corresponding to the keyboard for easy viewing.

To delete a melody, click "DELETE" or erase it with the keyboard backspace.

Also, clicking on the search ranking will switch to the top 10 popularity ranking searched by the user.

The ranking at the time of article writing is like this. When you click on the song you care about ......

You can check the melody of the selected song by copying it.

Of course you can listen to it just like iOS app and purchase score.

In plain music score, you can search music score from "Instrument" "Performance Style" "Song Title" "Artist" "Music Genre" "Performance Movie" "Usage Path and Image" You can search music notes, but in iOS application or PC version " I remember the melody somehow I remember but what is the name of the song? "So you can play directly and enter it.

Yamaha "Purin and Notation" You can download the score you want from one song easily, print immediately!

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