An inexpensive and portable blood test device using Raspberry Pi will be developed

Blood tests are used to diagnose a wide range of illnesses such as cancer and diabetes. This blood test requires dedicated equipment, and there is a problem that blood tests are difficult in poor areas and areas with poor infrastructure, but Indian developers have developed a new inexpensive blood test device that can be carried anywhere. Did.

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Blood tests are useful for health management and early detection of illness, but there are only a limited number of areas in the world where blood tests are available, and there are areas in the world where blood tests are difficult. 'Regular blood tests help track and eliminate threats of illness,' said Sangita Parekar and Jayu Karam, researchers at the Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management in India. Testing accounts for one-third of all pathological tests, 'he said, highlighting the need for inexpensive, mobile blood testing equipment.

Existing blood test devices analyze the amount of glucose and other components contained in blood by irradiating a blood sample with light and measuring the amount of light that passes through it. The inexpensive and portable blood test device developed by Mr. Parecal and Mr. Karam is equipped with a small computer 'Raspberry Pi ', which allows blood to be used in the same way as existing blood test devices while changing the reagents used and the wavelength of light. It is possible to analyze the sample.

The portable blood test device developed this time can analyze blood samples using a commercially available reagent kit used in existing blood test devices. In addition, the newly developed blood test device can output the analysis result in 30 minutes, and Mr. Parecal and Mr. Karam appeal that the analysis result is almost exactly the same as the existing blood test device.

Regarding the newly developed portable blood test device, Mr. Parecal said, 'The newly developed blood test device provides advantages such as automation, low cost, transplantability, simple measurement, and flexibility.' 'Changing the wavelength of reagents and light.' It can be applied to any biochemical analysis by itself. '

As the next step in development, Parecal and Karam aim to enable the analysis of proteins, cholesterol, triglycerides , albumin and other medically important substances in the blood. 'With the right software, we can further simplify the hardware,' said Parecal.

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