Taiwanese are buying Lithuanian products with 'giving back'

It turns out that Taiwan is 'buying' chocolate and beer in Lithuania , the southernmost nation of the Baltic states. According to media reports, the bomb purchase is Taiwan's 'giving back' for the accommodation of the new coronavirus vaccine and the establishment of an embassy.

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Sales of Lithuanian chocolate and beer surge in Taiwan after vaccine donation --LRT

Diplomatic spat with China pays off for Lithuania as Taiwan's consumers splurge on beer and biscuits | Euronews

According to the Financial Union Credit Center, which handles credit data between financial institutions in Taiwan, the number of purchases against Lithuania exceeded 112,000 from February to June 2021, and the total expenditure was 2,537 million Taiwan yuan (about). It has reached 10.1 billion yen), and Lithuania suddenly ranked 7th in the credit card spending country ranking in Taiwan. Many of the Taiwanese companies in Lithuania are grocery importers, and the most popular items in this explosive buying phenomenon are Lithuanian chocolates, beer, biscuits and other luxury items.

According to the United Daily News of the Taiwanese letter, the sudden start of Taiwanese people to buy Lithuanian products was triggered by the flexibility of the new coronavirus vaccine. In Taiwan, the number of infected people suddenly increased around June 2021, when Lithuania announced that it would provide Taiwan with 20,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine free of charge.

Lithuania also vaccines to Taiwan Astra 20,000 doses: Jiji.com

Lithuania showed such an attitude because of its hard-line attitude toward China. Lithuania has begun to move away from China in response to growing criticism of human rights issues in the EU.

Following this vaccine interchange, Lithuania and Taiwan agreed to establish a representative body on July 20, 2021. It is said that this will be the first embassy in Europe in 18 years since Slovakia in 2003, and Taiwan is getting more favorable momentum for Lithuania.

Taiwan to set up 'Embassy' in Lithuania China opposes: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Lithuanian chocolate maker Rūta, who says that orders from Taiwan have increased more than 10 times, says that many Taiwanese users leave comments 'Thank you, Lithuania' when ordering online.

Lithuania's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said of Taiwan, 'We want to discover the business potential of each other that enhances the mutual complementarity of the economies of both countries. Lithuania and Taiwan are countries of democratic society and market economy. 'It's a useful factor that connects us further.' 'Until recently, the trade between Lithuania and Taiwan was so limited that the growing interest in Lithuanian products in Taiwan is encouraging news.' bottom.

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