Free service that can fully compose music "WolframTones"

Genres of songs that can be created are classical, dance, hip hop, jazz, world, piano, rock / pop, R & amp; B, blues, experimental, guitar, country, ambient, latin, signaling.

Based on various mathematical expressions, it is possible to generate various songs, and the created songs are in MIDI format. Since you can also set chord, pitch, musical instruments to use, it is also possible to create pretty real songs automatically.

Usage is as follows.
WolframTones: An Experiment in a New Kind of Music

First, click the image that is on the right side. This is the prototype of the song.

Song playback will start automatically. It is possible to decide the genre of a song by this.

You can also change it to a different pattern by clicking "show variations"

By clicking on "GENERATOR" it is possible to change the composition of the song in various ways.

From "INSTRUMENTATION" you can change the instruments of each part. Basically everything that can be used in MIDI format is complete.

Code and pitch can be set from "PITCH MAPPING"

From "TIME CONTROLS" you can change the tempo etc

When you click "download", such a window will come out, so fill in the mail address you can receive and press "SEND" OK

In addition, the created songs can be used for personal use and non-commercial use.

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