Headline News on September 15, 2021

New visuals and staff comments will be announced as the anime 'Heike Monogatari', which is the first TV animation of 'Heike Monogatari', will be pre-exclusively distributed on FOD from 24:00 on September 15th (Wednesday) today. it was done.

TV anime 'Heike Monogatari' official website


The newly released visual is a profile of Biwa (voice: Aoi Yuki), a girl of Biwa Hoshi who has eyes that can see the future.

The comments from the main staff are as follows.

Original by Hideo Furukawa:
I think most people misunderstand the 'Heike Monogatari' that every Japanese person should know. I think I usually only come into contact with a few percent of this lengthy story, and the exaggerated episodes. If you read through it, you can see that it is full of emotions that complain that 'it is sad to have a war. It is scary.' It is full of earnest thoughts, 'I have to mourn the dead. I have to mourn all the dead.' And the fact that, in addition to the men who play the leading role on the battlefield, there are also dramas of women who rarely stand on the scene. Who on earth understood that the protagonists of 'Heike Monogatari' are also women? I conclude here, 'I did this TV anime version.' That is also vivid. It's bitter. This anime version is approaching the decisive point hidden in the original 'Heike Monogatari', which is why it is also close to our hearts to watch. The protagonist, Loquat, rings your chord.

Screenplay by Reiko Yoshida:
I was excited to do this title in this group. 'Heike Monogatari' directed by Yamada.
Fumiko Takano's original character draft (I don't know how much I read back the short story 'Stick is Ippon').
And when I finished writing the script, I felt that this was our 're-declaration to tell a story.'
It prospers, the times change, and people die. However, the story continues to live, keeping its sparkle.
I got courage there.

Character draft, Fumiko Takano:
First I drew Mr. Shigemori, then I drew the brothers of the Heike in order from the youngest.
All of them are handsome, and they are all nice men who can't be seen in my manga.
In the middle of the work, I was shown the director's storyboard.
I was happy when I found out that it was 'Biwa-chan' when I saw a round face with both eyes separated from each other on the paper.
I had a lot of fresh experiences. Thank you to everyone who gave me the opportunity.

Music: Kensuke Ushio:
Before I started composing, I was always thinking about what the anime 'Heike Monogatari' was like.
When confronting the story of many characters and a big flow of history
I was very worried about where to start and what to draw for music.

But this story is more than a big historical story-in the words of the director-
It was a story of 'certainly living people'.
It's a story of each person who joys, angers, sorrows, and laughs.
I hope it's the music that was with all of that.

Actor Design Takashi Kojima:

'Heike Monogatari' will be broadcast from January 2022 on the Fuji TV series '+ Ultra'. From 24:00 on September 15th (Wednesday) today, it will be pre-exclusively distributed on FOD.

TV animation 'Heike Monogatari' PV (15 seconds) Broadcast on Fuji TV '+ Ultra' and others from January 2022 & pre-exclusive distribution on FOD from 24:00 on September 15 (Wednesday)! --YouTube

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