Headline News on September 14, 2021

The first 10 minutes of the movie 'Kalamiti ' released on September 23, 2021 (Thursday) is being distributed on Vimeo for a limited time.

Would you like to sample a movie? Released on 9/23 'Calamity' on Vimeo

This work is a female pioneer of the western frontier was called the 'Queen of the plains' Calamity Jane in the birth story, production is highly evaluated Isao director Takahata 'was Long Way North top of the global staff of' He has won the Crystal Award (highest award) at the 2020 Annecy International Animation Film Festival.

Movie 'Karamiti' dubbed trailer [September 23, 2021 Shinjuku Wald 9 and others released nationwide] --YouTube

By the way, I posted this article on the same day of the same month in the past.

The number of cases where orca attacks a ship is increasing rapidly, and experts are confused that 'I have never seen or heard such an attack' --GIGAZINE

Softbank sells Arm to NVIDIA for about 4.2 trillion yen-GIGAZINE

Why does corn remain in the poop without being digested? --GIGAZINE

AI that defeated humans and changed the way chess is done is used to 'open up new possibilities for chess' --GIGAZINE

What is 'Super recogniser', a special ability person who is born with face recognition technology beyond AI? --GIGAZINE

What is the reality of the research results that '98% of students who receive one-on-one tutoring are better than average'? --GIGAZINE

'Kana Wave' --GIGAZINE where onomatopoeia such as 'Dodododo' and 'Byun' become sound effects as they are

I asked AI 'Aya' to draw a 2D character that can be used for commercial purposes according to my taste. --GIGAZINE

How to focus on the most important business decisions-GIGAZINE

Sony admits that 'I do not have the copyright of Bach's music' in response to the pianist's counterargument --GIGAZINE

A technology that can communicate with three aircraft by brain waves and control it has been realized, and it will be a little while until the realization of 'funnel' --GIGAZINE

It turns out that humans seem to continue to evolve in the direction of extending lifespan-GIGAZINE

Surprisingly many people are experiencing a 'hidden heart attack' without knowing it-GIGAZINE

What is the 2030 vision of living with artificial intelligence predicted by the university, which has been researching artificial intelligence for 100 years? --GIGAZINE

I ate Kochi's famous 'Nabeyaki Ramen', which has a rich taste of chicken stock and can be eaten hot in a clay pot, in the birthplace of 'Susaki City' --GIGAZINE

Scientist who can administer hallucinogen 'LSD' to humans for the first time in 40 years --GIGAZINE

◆ Neta (memo, etc.)

◆ Science (Science / Academic / Technology)
The song of a bird was a language Japanese researcher who even found out the grammar: Asahi Shimbun Digital

New Corona Delta Strain “Airborne” ?! What We Know Now | New Corona Virus | NHK News

◆ Society / Politics / Economy (Case / World News / Business)
'Bullying with a school distribution tablet' Parents complain about 'suicide' of a 6-year-old girl | TBS NEWS

To encourage each party to reduce salaries of members of the Diet by 30% based on the restoration corona | NHK News

[Video] Refusal to appoint science council 'Do not withdraw' Liberal Democratic Party, former chairman Kishida: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

The number of people working near the minimum wage has doubled in 10 years.

Mandatory request for presentation of US NY vaccination certificate Violation is fine | New Corona Vaccine (World) | NHK News

Infection rate rapidly increases even at 80% inoculation rate in Singapore Trial to 'coexistence of corona': Jiji.com

'Don't rehash the Moritomo problem' 'Abe's black shadow' is in the presidential election ... 'Maverick' Taro Kono is 'the favorite of Abe's successor' | Bungei Online

Business Special Feature Ships Carrying Air ~ Behind the Rising Tofu Price ~ | China | NHK News

Prime Minister Suga, who was indifferent to life and life, has the harmful effects of 'first self-help' | | Tsuyoshi Inaba | Mainichi Shimbun 'Political Premier'

Seismic intensity 3 “abnormal seismic area” in Kanto? The epicenter is 450 km south of Tokaido | NHK News

Finance Minister Aso 'The story of the doctor, is it true?' Corona over the action restriction relaxation plan: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

Mr. Ishiba to see off the candidacy for the presidential election [LDP presidential election 2021] [Liberal Democratic Party]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

A 69-year-old woman in a medical facility died in Osaka 10 times or more without calling | Mainichi Shimbun

Discharge of treated water using undersea tunnel 'Expert verification' Researcher who examined the response: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Suspicion of abortion drug administration without consent of dating woman 'Uncertain about future after marriage': Asahi Shimbun Digital

'I'm the only one to evacuate' Only one on the SDF aircraft Until I take off from Afghanistan [Situation in Afghanistan]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

'Anti-vaccine book that should not be read' Genetic modification, infertility, side effects after a few years ... Thorough verification of false information | Bungei Online

US budget deficit, cumulative decrease of 10% Revenue increases due to resumption from corona disaster | Kyodo News

Voyeurism of a female child in charge 31-year-old disciplinary dismissal of a teacher Aichi Prefectural Board of Education: Asahi Shimbun Digital

250 infected people who died at home, etc. Rapidly increased in August, doubling the third wave [New coronavirus]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Vaccine under development in China Nagasaki University and others to the first clinical trial in Japan | New corona vaccine (in Japan) | NHK News

[Original] Only one 3-year-old daughter ... Police hearing of mother and child from South Asia 'Racism' to Tokyo for damages: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

Former coach arrested on suspicion of sexual assault for baseball team members 'more than 30 people from 10 years ago' | Mainichi Shimbun

Tetsu Nakamura reveals 'special existence' Taliban executives re-investigating the case [Afghanistan situation]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

UK gives up mandatory vaccination passport presentation 3 photos in England International News: AFPBB News

Foreign body in Pfizer vaccine at the inoculation site in Kamakura, Kanagawa | New Corona vaccine (in Japan) | NHK News

To abolish road traffic investigators Always observe with camera and AI-Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism review: Jiji.com

Vaccines different for the first and second doses, some bans to be lifted For people with serious side reactions | Mainichi Shimbun

Suga Cabinet 'Support' 30% 'Disapproval' 50% NHK Opinion Poll | Elections | NHK News

Delivery building, printing 80 billion yen stock certificates to spread coupons for 65 billion yen: Market conditions Kabu full power 2 stories

Suspicious death in August, up to 250 people infected with corona | Kyodo News

[Details] Ask an expert North Korea cruise missile launch | North Korea missile | NHK News

Taliban Combatants Live in Mansion Requisition of Former Vice President's Mansion 21 Afghan Photos International News: AFPBB News

CNN.co.jp: Dubai Centers Grow 'Future' Food in the Desert-(1/2)

Sued for deletion of DNA data Police 'not a criminal' to a man-Tokyo District Court: Jiji.com

Viral load detected in 'Delta strain' patients more than 4 times that of conventional type | New coronavirus | NHK News

[Shinzo Abe] Former Prime Minister Abe is deep blue ... 90 children are 'rebellion' and the presidential election 'supports Mr. Takaichi' is not organized | Nikkan Gendai DIGITAL

Macau Legislative Assembly Election 'Not Patriot' 21 Democrats Could Not Run | Mainichi Shimbun

Is it bad for children's hips? Take off, sit down, spread or involve PTA Junior high school | Mainichi Shimbun

Nikkei average, closing price 30,670 yen Highest price in 31 years: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

[9.11] The two 20-year-old 'new facts' terrorist perpetrators loved each other | Newsweek Japan Official Site

◆ Lifestyle (life / life / health)
The story of 'a child who never grows studying' and 'a layer who can't do his best' who doesn't feel joy or regret about studying.

The secret hidden in the 'cool and delicious curry' I heard from a curry lunch specialty store that has been loved for many years --Meshitsu | Hot Pepper Gourmet

◆ IT / Gadgets (Net / Software / Hard / Mobile)
Countermeasures against slander on the Internet, introduction of imprisonment for insults

If a person who is slandered 26 times in 3 to 4 months can make a disclosure request, can a person who is slandered about 17 times a day also make a disclosure request? --Put a mandarin orange on your head

The Japanese fonts of Adobe Fonts have been greatly expanded! An attractive lineup has been added, making it even more fulfilling.

Key points for creating user stories in infrastructure services --freee Developers Blog

POSIX-compliant shell scripts should use find -exec {} + rather than find | xargs! --Qiita

Front-end testing is for everyone | POSTD

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications | Press Materials | SoftBank Corp.'s Corrective Order for Violation of Mobile Phone Unauthorized Use Prevention Law

“Three-line summary AI” big response Development ventures also pay attention to failure reports of “Run Meros” Ask for causes and countermeasures --ITmedia NEWS

Class under Corona 'Too Difficult' 50% Elementary, Junior High and High School Student Survey [New Coronavirus]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

18 Animation Libraries That Make Your Project Brilliant-Qiita

Touch the animals even in the corona! Video distribution, feeding with throwing money-Profit response ・ Zoo Aquarium: Jiji.com

◆ Anime / Game / Manga (subculture)
TV animation 'Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba' edited by Mt. Natagumo [Sunday, September 19, 2021 at 7:00 pm] --YouTube

TV anime 'Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba' Koyashiki Hen [September 18, 2021 (Sat) 7 pm broadcast] --YouTube

TV Anime 'Taisho Otome Otome Otome' Bansen CM (TV Tokyo Ver.) #Shorts --YouTube

Shogi Fujii Double Crown The youngest triple crown in history Hanyu 9th Dan record updated for the first time in 28 years | Fujii Triple Crown | NHK News

Final Stella Teaser Site | Key

Interview to commemorate the release of the remake version of 'Tsukihime'. Kinoko Nasu & Takashi Takeuchi talk about 'new' Tsukihime '' | Game entertainment latest information Famitsu.com

Souta Fujii Akira Watanabe, who has the same triple crown as the birth of the triple crown, is monologue 'How to fight Mr. Fujii': Sports Hochi

◆ Sports / Entertainment / Music / Movies (Entertainment)

[Discussion] Who was bad at the last play against Chunichi Yakult: Nanjii Stadium @ Nanji J Summary

What J PRIDE: [Follow-up] Shimada second base judge 'I haven't judged, so I haven't confirmed that I stepped on the base.'

Yakult Takatsu protests over the 'great confusion' and 'double play problem' caused by the referee's inadequacy ... Who was wrong and what was wrong? : Nanjii Stadium @ Nanji J Summary

◆ New products (clothing, food, housing)
'Lipton Sangria Tea Punch' will be on sale nationwide for a limited time from September 21st (Tuesday)! | News Release | Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.

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