What is the 'right to repair' required to solve the problem that Apple products are too expensive to repair?

Electronic equipment manufacturers may impose their own restrictions on the repair of their products by putting 'seals that invalidate the warranty if peeled off' etc. on their products, but if only the official repair service becomes available, the repair fee will be charged. because there is a case to be unreasonably high, in recent years 'from the user and repairer

right to repair calls for' it is all over the world in the spread has. Meanwhile, gadget-related journalist Joanna Stern explains the need for the right to repair the MacBook as an example.

How the'Right to Repair' Might Save Your Gadgets—and Save You Money --WSJ

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Apple's 2021 (PDF file) Carbon Neutral Progress Report states , 'If repairs are needed, users will have access to safe and reliable repair services.'

However, in reality, Apple does not guarantee users the right to free repairs. As a result, electronic device manufacturers, including Apple, have been reported to be depriving users of the opportunity to repair, and legislation is being enacted that requires manufacturers to disclose the information necessary for repairs.

These moves, in a nutshell, seek the right to repair.

Stern actually makes a repair quote for the two MacBooks and calls for the right to repair them. The first model to be quoted for repair is the MacBook Pro that was purchased in 2017 for $ 1,400 (about 155,000 yen) ...

The second is the MacBook Air that I bought in 2020 for $ 1,100. Both of these two MacBooks stopped booting due to submersion.

First, bring your two MacBooks to the Apple Store and estimate the repair price.

As a result of the estimate, the repair fee for the MacBook Air is $ 799 (about 88,000 yen) ...

The repair fee for the MacBook Pro was $ 999. In addition, the Apple Store clerk recommended replacing both models with new ones rather than repairing them.

Next, Stern brought two MacBooks to Apple's authorized service provider,

Mike's Tech Shop.

As a result of the estimate, the repair fee of MacBook Air is 870 dollars (about 96,000 yen) ……

The repair fee for the MacBook Pro was $ 1,170 (about 120,900 yen), and both models were offered a higher price than the repair fee at Apple. According to Mr. Stern, these authorized service providers will have to ship the equipment to be repaired from the user to Apple's factory after receiving it, so the repair fee will be high.

Also, the Apple Store and Mike's Tech Shop have been told that repairs will take 5-7 days.

Stern then brought his MacBook to the

Rossmann Repair Group store, which offers its own repair service.

Louis Rothman , the founder of the Rossmann Repair Group, is known as an activist advocating the need for repair rights, and Rossman's YouTube channel educates him about how to repair Apple products and the right to repair. The movie has been posted.

The estimated cost of repairing the MacBook Pro at Rossmann Repair Group was $ 325.

However, the MacBook Air was irreparable due to a lack of parts.

Stern then brought two MacBooks to

SimpleMac , which also offers its own repair service. The repair fee for the MacBook Pro here is $ 500 (about 55,000 yen) ...

Like the Rossmann Repair Group, the MacBook Air was diagnosed as irreparable due to lack of parts.

Stern asks, 'Which is better, paying $ 999 for Apple to repair or paying $ 325 for repairs at a repair shop?'

After the quote, Stern actually asked the Rossmann Repair Group for repairs. Mr. Rothman is in charge of the repair.

First, let's start repairing the MacBook Pro.

I found a part of the logic board that was corroded by submersion.

There are two reasons why Stern was able to repair his MacBook Pro this time. The first reason is that the Rossmann Repair Group has spare parts for replacement.

For example, this time I used a replacement logic board. Replacement parts will be collected from the discarded MacBook.

And the second reason is that the Rossmann Repair Group has detailed information on schematics and boards.

The detailed information of this circuit diagram and board was not officially disclosed by Apple, but it was leaked from people working inside Apple and the supply chain.

The schematics actually used to repair the MacBook Pro clearly state that the schematic information belongs to Apple.

Apple limits the disclosure of such parts and information to authorized service providers.

Therefore, the MacBook Pro, which succeeded in securing parts and blueprints, could be repaired so that it could be started.

Similarly, the MacBook Air, which had to be replaced due to submersion, could not be repaired because neither the parts nor the circuit diagram could be secured.

After all, Mr. Stern brought the MacBook Air back to the Apple Store and asked for repairs.

In the movie, Rothman said, 'We want Apple to provide the schematics and parts needed for repairs to repairers,' and asks for the right to repair.

As mentioned above, repairing electronic devices such as Apple products with official repair services often results in high repair costs, but

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