The repair price of Tesla cars is 22 times that of private companies at the official service center, what is the lesson of 'right to repair'?

In some cases, the manufacturer prohibits user repairs when electronic devices or electrical appliances break down. This is partly because the price is set including support for repairs and replacements, but since users can be unilaterally charged for expensive repairs, etc., in order to protect the rights of consumers, 'repair' The movement to protect consumers as 'the right to do' is becoming active. As an example of this, there is a case where the repair estimate when Tesla 's car is damaged differs by more than $ 10,000 (about 1.1 million yen) between when requesting a Tesla service center and when trying to repair directly. , The Drive, which publishes car-related news, has put together.

Tesla's $ 16,000 Quote for a $ 700 Fix Is Why Right to Repair Matters

Tesla wanted $ 16,000 to fix this NEW Model 3, we did it for $ 700! The importance of Right to REPAIR! --YouTube

The 'right to repair' claims to improve consumer disadvantages such as restrictions on the person who repairs electronic devices and the lack of genuine parts and tools for repair. thing. In the United Kingdom, a law guaranteeing the right to repair was enforced from July 1, 2021, and in the United States, a presidential decree is planned to limit the manufacturer's prohibition of repairs by consumers and unlicensed contractors. Announced that there is.

President Biden instructed to create a draft regulation prohibiting manufacturers from restricting 'right to repair' --GIGAZINE

The right to repair has been reported as a dispute over smartphones ,game consoles , tractors, etc., but The Drive reported on July 12, 2021 a case of a new Tesla car. When a Tesla Model 3 car leasing company hits a road rubble and damages a battery pack and asks a Tesla service center for a repair quote, it costs $ 16,000 to replace the battery pack. It was charged 1.76 million yen).

After a quote from Tesla's service center, a car leasing company sought another solution online and found a team of Electrified Garage , who undertakes repairs for Tesla cars, and Rich Benoit, one of the leading members of the community on repair rights. I found. As a result, it was possible to restart the car for only 700 dollars (about 77,000 yen).

The car's breakdown was caused by a crack in the battery pack that damaged the cooling system and leaked coolant to cool the electric vehicle, but there was no need to replace the entire pack and the electrified garage. It is reported that the cost itself was almost zero because the repairs could be done without any problems with the significantly cheaper parts that were in the shop.

The main reason for this difference is that the Tesla service center wasn't ready to repair the Tesla Model 3 and had to replace it, which required a high cost of battery packs. Another problem is that even if one part is damaged, the same part is not distributed, so it cannot be simply replaced.

Electrified Garage and Rich Benoit's team are big supporters of the 'right to repair,' and said this case is also a lesson about this right. On the other hand, The Drive is the latest as an 'engineering lesson', such as the problem that the cooling system is designed to be fragile and difficult to repair, and the question of the cost effectiveness of replacing and reusing the battery. I'm complaining about having such a problem with my car.

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