Restoring Tesla's model S from scrap state on its own

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A model named "Tesla's car I longed for a car but I can not buy a new car ... ..." that I was able to get in was a model S came into a scrap by flooding due to floods. Men tried self-study and independence on the restore of this car which was in a state where it was likely to refuse repair even if it brings it to the Tesla store, and succeeded in returning to a condition that can run neatly.

The backyard mechanic who is taking on Tesla - The Boston Globe

The encounter between car-like Rich Benoist and Model S was on a drive invited by a friend. Benoit was impressed by the quietness of the driving sound and the acceleration force as if it is riding on a roller coaster, Mr. Benoit received the impression that "technology seems to have crystallized up to the present day" .

However, Model S's new car price will be at least $ 76,000 (about 8.5 million yen), depending on the option it will be $ 133,000 (about 14.8 million yen). At that time, Mr. Benoit found a model S which was drunk by a flood that hit New Jersey and was sold as a scrap and purchased for $ 14,000 (about 1.6 million yen). We nicknamed "Dolores" and began working on "self repair of Tesla cars" which amateur mechanics have never achieved as anyone.

The way Benoit is going to repair is published on the YouTube channel " Rich Rebuilds ".

Below is where Mr. Benoix draws the battery in the beginning of the work. The battery has completely corroded.

Opening up flooded Tesla Model S Battery Pack 2 - YouTube

If you search a lot of appliances, including PCs, you can find a repair method, but even if Mr. Benoît examines "Tesla's repair method", no one has tried as a single person so information He said that he did not.

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In order to reborn "Dolores", Mr. Benowa decided to remove most of the interior and replace the necessary one. The following movie shows the work of detaching the electric wiring harness after removing the sheet etc. already.

Removing the interior harness of a Tesla Model S - YouTube

However, Tesla refused to sell to Mr. Benoit who ordered the necessary parts. According to The Boston Globes, Tesla claimed that "driving a self-repaired Tesla car has serious concern for safety not only for drivers but also for other drivers."

by Can Pac Swire

Mr. Benoit admits Tesla's concern, but concerning "the right to repair" that obliges the owner of the vehicle to access diagnostic tools and repair information that only the exclusive repair shop and exclusive dealer can access, Tesla is in charge of Massachusetts I argue that I am ignoring it despite ratification in the state in 2012. Mr. Benoit, who did not sell the parts, bought another model S, which was lost by the accident but the electrical system started using the parts to repair "Dolores".

After a year of repair, "Dolores" was restored to a nearly perfect state, and in the 61st movie posted by Benoit, "Dolores" passed the vehicle inspection. I turned on a license plate and be able to go out on the public road.

Six days after the vehicle inspection, Mr. Benowa publishes a movie to respond to the questions he got. According to the movie, as a result of selling away the remaining parts, the total cost was 6,500 dollars (about 720,000 yen). Until then, Mr. Benoit's movie was played only about a few hundred times, but when I titled the movie "Worlds Cheapest Tesla (the world's cheapest Tesla car)", I recorded 1 million playbacks in a matter of minutes .

Worlds Cheapest Tesla - YouTube

Mr. Benoit's YouTube channel "Rich Rebuilds" now boasts over 420,000 registrants. After that, Mr. Benois took advantage of the experience of "Dolores" and, with a mechanic who worked at Tesla, decided to open an electric car repair specialty shop, which will be the first east coast of the United States.

Help Rich Rebuilds open the First Crowdfunded EV shop - YouTube

Even being refused to sell parts to Tesla, Mr. Benoit accepts that "I do not dislike Tesla, rather I'm in love."

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"I've always loved cars for a long time, I have a Chevrolet Corvette, a truck, a race car, but since I began to ride around" Dolores ", the feeling that" cars should be like this " I do not think it's strange that I am running ahead of Tesla cars anymore ... I started to learn a strange feeling when I got on a gasoline car, "Benowa says.

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