Amazon collects user's 'palm' information in exchange for 1000 yen worth of points

At the cashier-less convenience store '

Amazon Go ' developed by Amazon, you can use 'Amazon One ', which allows you to complete payment by simply holding your palm over your wallet or smartphone. It is reported that Amazon collects the palm information required for this Amazon One in exchange for points worth 10 dollars (about 1100 yen).

Amazon will pay you $ 10 for a scan of your palm print

Amazon has physical stores such as Amazon Go, a convenience store without cash registers, ' Amazon 4-star ', which handles only products that have earned 4 or more stars in Amazon reviews, and 'Amazon Books ', a bookstore.

These Amazon stores and

Whole Foods Market , which Amazon acquired in 2017, have introduced contactless payment terminal Amazon One, and shoppers can complete payment by simply holding their palm over Amazon One. can. At the time of the announcement of Amazon One in 2020, Mr. Dilip Kumar, Vice President of Retail Division at Amazon, said, 'Amazon One will develop services as an admission approval tool for stadiums and office buildings in addition to retail stores like Amazon Go. We plan to do so, 'he said, indicating his intention to provide the Amazon One mechanism to companies other than Amazon.

Amazon announces 'Amazon One', a device that allows you to pay by simply holding your hand-GIGAZINE

Meanwhile, it is reported that Amazon was conducting a campaign to 'give points equivalent to $ 10 to users who registered palm information on Amazon One'.

Technology-related media Input says, 'The information in the palm is not easy to change. Amazon may be able to collect user data semi-permanently by obtaining the information in the palm. Also, Amazon may be able to collect the information in the palm. Selling information to third parties can also expose you to fraud and other threats. Amazon chooses to delete your data or does not use Amazon One for two years. Says that it will remove the information in the palm of the hand, but this is not a relief, 'he said, pointing out that Amazon is trying to get material to track users in exchange for $ 10.

TechCrunch also said that Amazon had provided facial recognition technology to third parties in the past, saying, 'With the epidemic of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), contactless payment is a novel idea. But given Amazon's past efforts in developing biometric technology, we need to be careful about how Amazon uses the data, 'says Amazon. And expresses concern about providing information to other companies.

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