Chrome plans to introduce 'HTTPS First Mode' to load all web pages with HTTPS priority

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HTTPS announced that load with priority to provide the option of 'HTTPS first'.

Chromium Blog: Increasing HTTPS adoption

Starting with Chrome 94, scheduled for release on September 21, 2021, Chrome will include HTTPS First Mode. Users who enable this mode will be upgraded to HTTPS for all web page loads and will be warned when accessing pages that do not support HTTPS. With this mode, users can feel reassured that they are 'reliably connecting via HTTPS'. Based on the feedback, it is also considering the possibility of turning on HTTPS first mode by default for all users.

It is also considered to eliminate the 'key mark' displayed on the left side of the URL when connecting via HTTPS. Panditrao et al. ' Independent research has shown that users often associate a key mark with the credibility of a website, but the key mark really only shows the security of the connection.' Only 11% of the people surveyed were able to correctly identify the meaning of ',' he said. 'We plan to replace it with a new mark to prevent user confusion.'

The changed mark will be the following 'downward arrow'. This mark will be introduced experimentally from Chrome 93, which will be released on August 31, 2021. 'The important thing is that sites that don't support HTTPS will continue to be labeled as'insecure',' Panditrao and colleagues said.

'We are focusing on changes that provide the best security for our users-details will be announced in late 2021', said Panditrao and colleagues.

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