Netflix added the ability to email 'children's most recent works and trends in their favorite genres'

Netflix has announced the addition of two new child-friendly features for families enjoying their services. The first is a function that notifies children by email of the latest works they saw in their profile and trends in their favorite genres. The other is 'Top 10 Kids Works'.

About Netflix --Family Time Gets an Upgrade With Two New Kid-Friendly Features

About Netflix-Two new features for kids give you even more time to spend with your family

The content sent by the mail notification function is the genre of the work that the child using the profile especially likes, the work that was watched most recently, the recommended work of Netflix that can be considered from the tendency of preference, the favorite character. Printable coloring books with motifs, tips for using children's features on Netflix, and more. Emails are sent every other week.

Another new feature is the 'Top 10 Kids Works', where you can see popular works for children.

The reason why Netflix added these new features is that the news site protocol has rivals such as Disney +, which has almost the same family price, and Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, which is expanding works for children, and North America, which is already a streaming service. He points out that retaining existing members is important because the market is saturated and it is difficult to increase the number of new Netflix subscribers.

Netflix launches kids top 10, parent digest --Protocol — The people, power and politics of tech

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