'Kobe beef spicy udon & Kobe beef yakiniku bowl' tasting review that you can eat thick sliced Kobe beef

Enjoy the sukiyaki-style seasoned Kobe beef and udon with a special spicy soup stock ' Kobe beef spicy udon ' and 'Kobe beef yakiniku bowl ' with plenty of savory roasted Kobe beef on Tuesday, July 6, 2021 ) Appears in Marugame Seimen. I heard that you can enjoy Kobe beef cut into thick slices compared to

the Kobe beef series so far, so I actually tried both of them and checked the taste.

Marugame Seimen's 'Summer Udon' that survives the harsh summer

Arrived at Marugame Seimen to eat 'Kobe beef spicy udon' and 'Kobe beef yakiniku bowl'.

In the store, the two items you are looking for are appealing.

When I ordered 'Kobe beef spicy udon' and 'Kobe beef yakiniku bowl', they grilled Kobe beef on the spot.

Including the cooking time, we had both items in about 10 minutes after entering the store.

First of all, I will try eating 'Kobe beef spicy udon'. Plenty of Kobe beef and chopped paste are on top of the 1.5-ball udon noodles.

There was also chopped green onion under the Kobe beef.

The dashi stock contains hot balls. In addition, Marugame Seimen's special chili oil is also floating.

When I actually eat it, Kobe beef is quite sweet, but when combined with the spicy soup stock, it has a sweet and spicy taste overall. Kobe beef is thickly sliced, so you can eat each one while feeling that you are eating meat.

By breaking the hot ball, it changes to a mellow taste. 'Kobe beef spicy udon' contains 1.5 balls of udon, but by changing the taste on the way, I could eat it until the end without getting tired.

Next, I will try 'Kobe beef yakiniku bowl'. The fragrantly baked Kobe beef is placed on top of the rice, and the egg yolk is topped on top.

When you eat a bite, you can enjoy the punchy taste with the flavor of garlic and ginger, unlike the sweet-flavored Kobe beef of 'Kobe beef spicy udon'. Also, the white rice is soaked with the sweet fat of Kobe beef, so I enjoyed the feeling of 'I'm eating Kobe beef steadily!'

When you break the egg yolk, Kobe beef with a strong punch and the egg yolk are combined to change the overall seasoning to a mellow taste, so you can continue to eat until the end without saying 'the punch is too strong and you get tired of eating'.

'Kobe beef spicy udon' is 890 yen including tax, and 'Kobe beef yakiniku bowl' is 590 yen including tax, and can be eaten at Marugame Seimen dealers from Tuesday, July 6, 2021. You can check the dealers (PDF link) in the list of dealers.

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