Marugame Seimen's 'Kobe Beef and Yamato Imo no Torotama Udon & Kobe Beef Sukiyaki Don' tasting review of Marugame Seimen seasoned with Kobe beef in a sukiyaki style

Two new menus using Kobe beef for Marugame Seimen, 'Kobe beef and Yamato potato torotama udon ' and ' Kobe beef sukiyaki bowl ', have appeared on April 6, 2021 (Tuesday). I heard that you can enjoy udon noodles with marbled Kobe beef combined with sukiyaki-style sauce, so I actually tried it.

Spring Luxury Kobe Beef | Sanuki Kamaage Udon Marugame Seimen

Arrived at Marugame Seimen.

The left is 'Kobe beef and Yamato potato torotama udon', and the right is 'Kobe beef sukiyaki bowl'.

'Kobe beef and Yamato potato tororo ball udon' has a heap of tororo, hot spring eggs, and Kobe beef on top of the udon.

Beef is a well-seasoned sweet and spicy taste that is soft when chewed and overflows with gravy and goes well with the light taste of udon. It changes to a mild taste when mixed with thick eggs.

Next, I will try Kobe beef sukiyaki rice bowl.

Only the yolk is placed on the raw egg with good coloring.

The beef is seasoned the same as before, but sprinkled with sesame seeds gives it an occasional savory sesame flavor, which is a bit different. The more you chewed, the more gravy overflowed, and the simple composition of beef and white rice, eggs and sesame, was a highly satisfying beef bowl.

The price of each is 890 yen including tax for 'Kobe beef and Yamato potato torotama udon' and 590 yen including tax for 'Kobe beef sukiyaki bowl', and they are sold at 503 stores nationwide for a limited time. You can check the target stores here (PDF file).

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