I tried Katsaya's ``Chicken-grilled chicken cutlet bowl'' which added chicken cutlet to Gifu's soul food ``Chicken-grilled''

`` Chicken-grilled chicken cutlet rice bowl '' arranged by Tonkatsu specialty store Katsaya is from `` Chicken-grilled chicken katsu-don '', which is a local dish of Gifu prefecture ``

Chicken-grilled '', which is a chicken dish seasoned with miso and soy sauce with vegetables. Has appeared. The fried chicken and cabbage made with miso, soy sauce and garlic as a base, and a bowl of bonito chicken cutlet are the perfect stamina menu for hot summer, so try it out and eat it. It was

Chicken-grilled chicken cutlet bowl | Tonkatsu/Katsudon 'Katsuya' official website

Chicken-grilled chicken cutlet set meal | Tonkatsu/Katsudon 'Katsuya' official website

Arrived at the Katsoya store.

Inside the store, there was a poster that appealed that 'Chicken-grilled chicken katsu-don' had appeared.

That's why the chicken-out grilled chicken cutlet bowl is a take-out menu, the chicken-out grilled chicken cutlet lunch (left), and the chicken-out grilled chicken cutlet set meal, is a chicken-out grilled chicken cutlet lunch (right). I bought

'Chicken-grilled chicken katsu don bento' has chopped cabbage, chicken katsu, and chicken-grilled rice on top of the rice.

Comparing the size of the bowl with a 15 cm ruler, it looks like this.

The chicken fried with chicken roast is arranged so that the miso-based sauce is soaked in the batter. After eating a bite, I felt the juicy savory taste of chicken and the taste of miso, and then the savory flavor of garlic came out from my mouth to my nose.

The cabbage is well cooked, so when eaten with meat, the sweetness of the vegetables complemented the chicken's umami.

The chicken cutlet's batter is also covered with plenty of miso, so you can enjoy the rich flavor of miso and the delicious umami of chicken wrapped in a rich texture.

Eat crispy chopped cabbage for a break from your chopsticks, and it will refresh your greasy mouth.

``Chicken-grilled chicken cutlet rice bowl lunch'' is a chicken cutlet with excellent garlic scent and an excellent response to eat from chicken with a garlic scent, and crispy cabbage is one, so even when it is hot and you tend to lose your appetite, the sauce is I felt that it was a dish that allows you to squeeze plenty of rice at the explosive speed.

Next, let's try 'Kenchan Yaki Chicken Katsu Bento' which is the takeout menu of 'Kenchan Yaki Chicken Katsu Set Meal'.

This is a comparison of the container with a 15 cm ruler.

The ingredients are the same as 'Chicken-grilled chicken katsu don bento,' except that the side dishes and rice are separated and the pickles are included.

The rice is not soaked in the sauce, so if you want to eat white rice with chicken and chicken cutlet while eating Katsoya dried radish pickled with polypoli, it is recommended to choose 'chicken grilled chicken cutlet lunch'. In addition, if you eat at the store instead of takeout, you can get tonjiru for free.

'Chicken-grilled chicken katsudon' (590 yen including tax) and 'Chicken-grilled chicken katsu set meal' (690 yen including tax) can be ordered from Katsugaya stores nationwide from August 17, 2020. As a take-out menu, you can also order chicken roasted chicken katsu don bento (590 yen including tax) and chicken roasted chicken katsu bento (690 yen including tax), but the pork soup that comes with the set meal will not come in the case of takeout. You should be careful.

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