I tried the 'Negi Miso Roasted Pork Bowl' at Katsuya, which uses egg and sweet and spicy miso to elevate the loin cutlet to the next level.

The menu of the tonkatsu specialty store Katsuya has been added to the menu from Friday, April 26, 2024. The ' Negi Miso Loin Cutlet Bowl ' is a combination of a loin cutlet handmade in-store, bound with an egg, a special miso sauce and green onions. I was curious about the taste of this 120,000 meal limited menu, so I actually went to Katsuya and tried it.

[Limited to 120,000 meals] The 'Negi Miso Pork Loin Cutlet Bowl' with its soft sweetness, rich flavor and deep richness is now available at the pork cutlet specialty store Katsuya | Press release from Arcland Service Holdings Co., Ltd.

Arrived at Katsuya.

Inside the store, the limited menu was being promoted.

I immediately bought a takeaway 'Pork Pork Pork Rice Bowl Bento with Green Onion Miso' and went home.

The dish consists of rice topped with a pork cutlet covered in egg and drizzled with miso sauce and chopped green onions.

The actual size of the container is approximately 17.5cm.

The loin cutlet batter is soaked in miso sauce, and the rich sweet and spicy miso brings out the flavor of the pork. In addition, the egg layer gives the already rich loin cutlet an even more substantial flavor, but the crunchy spring onions give it a refreshing aftertaste, making this a katsudon where you can enjoy the sweetness of pork fat with every bite.

Katsuya's 'Negi Miso Loin Cutlet', which started nationwide on Friday, April 26, 2024, is divided into a bowl using 80g of loin and a set meal using 120g of loin. The eat-in 'Negi Miso Loin Cutlet Bowl' is 715 yen including tax, and the 'Negi Miso Loin Cutlet Set Meal' is 869 yen including tax. In addition, for take-out, the 'Negi Miso Loin Cutlet Bowl Bento' is 702 yen including tax, and the 'Negi Miso Loin Cutlet Bento' is 853 yen including tax.

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