Top 5 companies found to sell 46% of global ads

In 2010, the top five companies accounted for 17% of the world's advertising spend. However, according to a new report released by WPP Group, a British advertising agency, advertising expenses paid to the top five companies in 2020, Google, Facebook, Alibaba, Bytedance and Amazon, will account for 46% of the total. It turned out to occupy.

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Global advertising spend 2020: Five tech companies dominate the market

The total global advertising expenses paid in 2010 was $ 421 billion (about 46 trillion yen), and the breakdown is as follows. Google is 7%, Viacom / CBS is 3.2%, News Corp / Fox News is 2.9%, Comcast is 2.4%, Disney is 1.7%, and payments to other companies are 83%.

On the other hand, the total advertising expenses in 2020 will be 641 billion dollars (about 71 trillion yen), of which Google is 21%, Facebook is 14%, Alibaba is 4.5%, Bytedance, which operates TikTok, is 4.4%, Amazon is 3.2. %, And 54% for other companies.

Google and Facebook are the fastest growing players. In 2016, the two companies sold 19% of the world's total advertising, but by 2020 they will account for 35% of the total market sales. Looking at the graph below, we can see that Google and Facebook are increasing their market share from 2016 to 2020.

The WWP report also announced the top 25 advertising sales companies. Looking at this table, we can see that tech companies are overtaking existing media such as Fox, Comcast, and Verizon. In particular, Bytedance has increased its sales from 800 million dollars (about 88 billion yen) in 2016 to 28 billion dollars (about 3 trillion yen) in 2020, which is an outstanding growth rate.

In a report, WWP said, 'In 2010, major media owners lined up in major global markets, and Google was the only advertising seller who wasn't a media owner. It was only powerful in the market, and even the largest companies in the industry at the time had minimal international influence when it came to advertising, but now the focus of advertising sellers is It hits China and has a global presence. In particular, Google and Facebook are the number one and number two advertising companies in the world excluding China, while Amazon is the number three advertising company in many countries. It is listed as '.'

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