Twitter is planning a feature that allows you to tweet exclusively to 'trusted friends'

Twitter is planning a new way to deliver content only to specific user groups by using the paid follow feature '

Super Follow', but this is just a paid feature. Separately, Twitter is working on a timeline called 'Trusted Friends, ' which allows users to post tweets that are only visible to specified users. ..

Twitter working on new alternative timeline exclusively for'Trusted Friends' ―― 9to5Mac

Twitter considers letting you limit tweets to'trusted friends' --The Verge

On social media such as Twitter, one person often has multiple accounts, one for interacting with friends at work or college, and the other for interacting with family and friends. There are many people who use different accounts, such as things. Twitter's 'Trusted Friends' feature allows users to post tweets to specific users by creating groups that allow them to view their tweets.

The user can select who to tweet when tweeting, and in the image below, 'Everyone' and 'Trusted Friends' can be selected. In addition, it seems that users will be able to switch their timeline between 'conventional recommended tweets included' and 'collected only tweets from trusted friends'.

Twitter's planned 'trusted friends' can be compared to Instagram's 'close friends.' However, Instagram's 'close friends' function is a function that can be used only in stories, but Twitter's 'trusted friends' should be displayed on the normal timeline.

In addition, by using a function called 'Facets', it seems that it will be possible to finely change the tweets displayed on its own timeline. Facets allow you to create your own timeline by creating specific user groups and following topics that interest you.

In addition, a function that allows you to warn your followers 'Please do not use this keyword' by registering a specific keyword as a prohibited word has also been tested.

Note that these are just conceptual ideas, and it is unclear at the time of writing whether this feature will be officially implemented.

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