Instagram and Threads restrict political content from being recommended by default

Meta no longer recommends all political content by default on Instagram and Threads. If you want to see political content in recommendations, you'll need to manually change your settings.

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In February 2024, Meta announced a policy to ``stop recommending political content on Instagram and Threads.''

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A new setting has been added to implement this policy. As a result, Instagram and Threads will no longer display political content in recommendations, such as 'Reels,' 'Discovery,' 'Recommendations in Feed,' and 'Suggested Accounts' if left at their default settings.

The method to check the settings is as follows.

Open the iOS and Android versions of the Threads app and open the settings screen from the user account screen.

Tap 'Privacy settings'.

Tap 'More privacy settings'. This will take you to Instagram's 'Settings and Privacy' screen. Please note that the settings on this screen apply to both Instagram and Threads.

Next, tap 'Recommended content' in the 'Displayed content' section of Instagram's 'Settings and privacy' screen.

Tap 'Political content'.

The default setting is ``Restrict political content from people you don't follow.'' In other words, from now on, if you want to view political content as recommended content on Instagram and Threads, you will have to select ``Do not restrict political content from people I don't follow'' on this screen. .

Andy Stone, a spokesperson for Meta, explained to overseas media outlet The Verge that this setting will begin to be widely rolled out from the fourth week of March 2024. However, at the time of writing, Meta did not notify app users that this setting was enabled by default.

Please note that Meta defines content that refers to 'government,' 'elections,' and 'social topics' as 'political content.'

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