Blue screen changes to 'black screen' in Windows 11

Windows 11, which is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2021, has undergone various design changes from Windows 10. The Verge, an IT news site, reports that the

blue screen that appears when an error occurs will change from Windows 11 to a black-based ' black screen.'

Microsoft's Blue Screen of Death is changing to black in Windows 11 --The Verge

'Blue screen' is a phenomenon in which only a blue background and an error message are displayed on the entire screen when something goes wrong with Windows. When a blue screen is displayed, there is a high possibility that a major problem has occurred, such as a hardware failure or an unexpected termination of a serious process. Therefore, overseas, BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) ) Is called and feared.

Below is the blue screen on Windows 1.0. Originally, the blue screen was not a system crash screen, but a screen that was displayed as a bug when displaying the kernel module and memory address at the time of Windows error. Until Windows 3.1, the screen was black when displaying the error message.

After that, a blue screen is displayed when the OS is restored with an error. Error codes and causes are now displayed on Windows 9x blue screens.

The blue screen of Windows XP now has more advice for users.

However, since Windows 8.1, the amount of information has been greatly reduced, and the emoticon ': (' and QR code are displayed. The following is the blue screen of Windows 10.

The blue screen in the Insider Preview build of the test version of Windows 10 was green instead of blue.

And in Windows 11, it turned into a black screen. The screen composition including emoticons and QR code has not changed much, but the background is completely black.

It's unclear why Microsoft changed the blue screen to a black screen, and The Verge asked Microsoft for comment, but they didn't respond. The Verge commented, 'Windows 11 is probably recreating the visuals from scratch, from the Start menu to the Explorer to the blue screen.'

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