Alcohol, gambling, and politics are eliminated from the most prominent advertising positions on YouTube

It turns out that it is prohibited to display alcohol, gambling, and political ads at the most conspicuous ad display position on YouTube.

YouTube to ban masthead ads related to alcohol, gambling, politics and elections - Axios

YouTube is banning alcohol, gambling, and politics from its 'most prominent' ad slot - The Verge

YouTube displays advertisements in various places on the platform, but in particular, the advertisement on the top page screen that is displayed first when accessing the YouTube web version or application is called ' masthead advertisement ' and is the most eye-catching. It is an advertisement to pull. Masthead ads are said to achieve massive reach and increased awareness.

According to information obtained by overseas news media Axios, YouTube plans to ban alcohol, gambling and political ads in this masthead ad. When technology media The Verge contacted YouTube, the person in charge commented that limiting the type of advertisement in the masthead advertisement 'leads to an improved user experience.'

Specifically, prohibited advertisements are 'advertisements that promote the sale of alcohol', 'advertisements that brand alcohol even if they are not explicitly promoted', 'gambling-related content', and 'political content'. Ads that raise specific issues, such as 'ads endorsing candidates,' are often political in nature and will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

Masthead ads are attractive to advertisers due to their high impression count, but they are highly visible and receive more scrutiny than regular banner ads. For example, President Trump is known to have purchased ``all-day masthead ads'' two days before the election, and in response to this, YouTube abolished all-day masthead ads in November 2020.

YouTube already offers users a way to restrict the display of alcohol and gambling ads through Google Ads settings , but the new measures are a step forward for YouTube to make the tool more 'for everyone.' Yes.

Google makes it possible to reduce the display of alcohol and gambling advertisements - GIGAZINE

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