Allows Google to reduce the display of alcohol and gambling ads

On December 10, 2020, Google announced a new feature that limits the display of alcohol and gambling ads through Google Ads settings .

Greater controls for sensitive ad topics in your Ad Settings

Google adds option to limit alcohol or gambling advertisements --The Verge

In the past, Google has allowed some customization, such as hiding certain ads on the browser and showing ads based on age and interests. However, according to Google's blog, after receiving feedback that 'some people want to limit ads in certain categories such as alcohol,' the decision was made to add a new option to reduce the display of alcohol and gambling ads. It is said that it has reached.

At the time of writing the article, there was no function setting related to alcohol gamble on the advertisement setting page, but starting with YouTube advertisement in the United States, the function is scheduled to be expanded to Google advertisement and YouTube around the world in early 2021. ..

Advertising settings

Alcohol and gambling ads can be set separately, so it is possible to reduce the display of only one. Please note that this setting only 'reduces the number of impressions' and does not completely shut down the ad.

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