Twitter is testing to place ads in replies

Twitter displays promo ads mixed in tweets displayed on the timeline and search result page, but we are conducting a test to display ads in new replies to tweets. Has been clarified.

Twitter is trying out ads in the perfect new place: right in the replies --The Verge

Bruce Falck , Twitter's Revenue Products Leader, said: 'From today we're trying another new thing, testing a new ad format that will appear in tweet conversations. Participate in this test. If so, the ad will appear after the first, third, and eighth replies of the tweet. ' I revealed it.

This is how the ad is inserted. In addition, it seems that 'tweet-style advertisement' is not displayed like a promotion advertisement, so there is no worry that it will be confused with a normal tweet.

Regarding the ability to display ads in replies, overseas technology media The Verge wrote, 'I'm not a fan of this feature.'

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