Twitter can now embed a button to open the product page in tweets while testing the 'shopping card' feature

Twitter functions not only as a place for individual users to interact, but also as a place for companies and brands to promote. It was reported that Twitter is testing a new 'Shopping Card ' feature that allows you to embed a button that links to a product page in a tweet.

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On March 2, 2021, social media consultant Matt Navarra tweeted, 'Twitter is experimenting with a new'shopping'feature.' Until now, when you posted a link to the product's website, the tweet was in the format of displaying a card containing thumbnails and titles as shown below ...

By using the 'shopping card' function, you can tweet a card that includes a 'Shop' button in addition to basic information such as product name, shop name, and product price. Interested users can open the product page by clicking / tapping the 'Shop' button.

The shopping card function is convenient for directing from Twitter to the sales site, and helps to monetize the people who develop online shops. Twitter is working on ways for creators to make money on Twitter, such as announcing a 'super follow ' function in February 2021 that displays tweets that are invisible to general users by subscription method, 'shopping card' Functions are part of a similar effort.

At an investor briefing on February 25, 2021, Twitter monetization product leader Bruce Falck said, 'We are beginning to look for ways to better support our business on Twitter. 'I know people access Twitter to interact with brands and discuss their favorite products.' 'Easy to find brand new skincare products and sneakers that you follow with just a few clicks.' Imagine that you can buy it quickly. '

Meanwhile, Falck told investors that while Twitter was excited about the potential for commerce, research into commerce was still in its infancy. A Twitter spokeswoman told tech media TechCrunch, 'This is the first of many experiments in the commerce space, and we'll become more experienced as we learn more. He suggested that there are plans for commercial transactions other than shopping cards.

At the time of writing the article, the shopping card function is not open to general users and can only be used by a very limited number of users.

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