What kind of shape will Twitter be developing 'read later' function?

byHamza Butt

Many people are using retweets or likes, or direct message features to make it possible to read the tweets you see on Twitter later. However, it is also a fact that there are points that it is hard to use when you do not want other people 's eyes to see the retweet or anything else. So, I found that Twitter is developing a new bookmark function called "Read later."

Twitter developing 'Save for Later' feature to easily, privately bookmark tweets | 9to5Mac

It is a product manager of TwitterJesar ShahSays on October 9, 2017, "Everyone (especially Japanese users!) Say that they want a function that allows you to save tweets for easy and personal reading later", says "SaveForLater We are announcing the existence of a new feature called "

You can see what SaveForLater is doing by looking at the following movie introducing the prototype version.

Tap the menu button at the lower right of each tweet.

Then, a bar called "Add to Bookmarks" will appear on "Share via DM (Share with Direct Message)", so tap.

"Added to Bookmarks (added to bookmark)" was displayed at the bottom of the screen. You can also see the bookmark list by tapping on this right edge ... ...

In the movie tap the leftward arrow at the top of the screen.

When you select "Bookmarks" in the menu column ... ...

Bookmark list is displayed in the following form.

SaveForLater at the time of article creation is an initial prototype, and it is said that we are seeking the share of the above tweet and user's feedback so that many opinions can be obtained for future improvement. You can send feedback by mutating it with the tag of "#SaveForLater".

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