Companies and brands can now sell their products directly to users on Twitter while Twitter is testing the 'shop module'

Twitter announced on July 28, 2021 local time that it is testing a 'Shop Module ' that allows businesses and brands to sell their products on Twitter. The shop module will be displayed at the top of the profile screen, allowing users to purchase products without leaving Twitter.

Twitter Shopping: Testing the Shop Module

Twitter pilots a new shopping section for brands --The Verge

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SNS is used as a place to promote brands and products, and many corporate accounts use their skills to promote products to users. In recent years, the SNS side has also begun to focus on adding shopping functions, and in May 2021, Facebook announced 'Facebook Shops ' that enables companies to create full-scale online shops on Facebook.

'Facebook Shops' that can open a full-scale online shop on Facebook and Instagram are now available --GIGAZINE

Twitter also started testing the shopping feature in 2014, but eventually the feature was removed and the focus was on another area. However, in 2021, the focus was on shopping again, and in March it was reported that we were testing a 'shopping card' that could embed a button that links to a product page in a tweet.

And on July 28, Twitter finally announced that it is testing a 'shop module' that allows you to sell and buy products directly on the platform.

The Shop Module appears at the top of your profile screen for your company or brand account. Users with the Shop Module enabled will be able to access the account of the brand they are interested in and search for products on Twitter.

Tap when you find a product you like.

Then, you can access the purchase page where you can check the product details directly from Twitter without switching apps.

If you add it to your cart ...

You can buy the product immediately. Twitter says that the shop module allows users to seamlessly purchase products without leaving the app.

The Twitter shop module has already started test operation, but the shop module can be seen only by users who use Twitter's iOS application in English in the United States. In addition, the companies that can create shop modules are limited to those that use the

'Professional Profile' that started test operation in April 2021. Professional Profile is a business-oriented function that allows companies and non-profit organizations to display business-related information such as address, phone number, and business hours on their profile.

According to Twitter, the shop module can be used by about 10 companies in total, such as GameStop and Arden Cove, at the time of article creation. Twitter told tech media TechCrunch that it is in the early stages of testing at the time of writing and does not provide a way for interested companies to participate in the test.

In his blog, Twitter said, 'We believe in Twitter's ability to facilitate conversations about its products. In this pilot test, enthusiastic, responsive and talkative users feel like a jersey for their favorite sports team. We will explore how to react to products that appeal to people and products that leave an impact, such as new skin care methods. '

At Twitter Analyst Day in February 2021, Bruce Falk, Head of Monetization for Twitter, said, 'We are beginning to look for ways to better support our business transactions on Twitter. I know that will go to Twitter to interact with the brand and discuss their favorite products. ' Twitter CFO Ned Segal also said at the Technology, Media & Communications Conference held by JP Morgan in May, 'People surveyed on Twitter before buying anything. I will do it. '

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