An explanation movie that understands the new function that you can shop just by tapping on Twitter several times

To a few Twitter Android appsSettlement items appearBy doing so, is Twitter carrying shopping features? As reported, Twitter is a shopping platformFancy, Electronic content sales siteGumroad, Music goods / ticket sales siteMusictoday, Mobile payment platformStripeWe have signed a partner agreement with the company, announced that it will officially install shopping function.

Testing a way for you to make purchases on Twitter | Twitter Blogs

You can see how to purchase products from the Twitter application by looking at the following movies.

A new way for you to make purchases on Twitter - YouTube

If you want the product you found with Tweet, tap the "Buy" button on Tweet.

Address and payment information can be encrypted on Twitter and stored safely ...

After that we just purchased the product by pressing the "Buy now" button.

Details of the order will be sent separately by e-mail.

For example, if you are watching Twitter on your favorite artist, if tour T - shirts are displayed on tweets, you do not have to bother to go to the website and you can reach to purchase with several taps.

The actual image looks something like this. A tweet with "Buy" button is displayed on the timeline, and when you tap it, details such as size and shipping fee will be displayed. Just tap "Buy now" afterwards.

According to Twitter's official blog, this feature is being tested with only a few American users iOS and Android apps only. In the futureBurberry,(RED),The Home DepotSuch as fashion brands and non-profit organizations and retail chains, andEminem,Megadeth,Panic! At The Disco,Farrell Williams,ParamoreWe have also decided to collaborate with a number of artists.

Also, the latest TwitterTweets other than followers are shown on the timelineFunction,Display tweets registered in favorites randomly on the follower timelineFunctions etc. are added, but it can not be said that a good reaction is obtained from the user. Regarding why I added my favorite random display function, Twitter CEO Dick Costello said, "When I refreshed my timeline twice, my followers 'favorites are displayed if none of my followers' tweets are refreshed twice "DirectlyTweet and excuseOr,Change fontabout"Because it is easy to readI am returning to the original font by saying that.

It is still unknown when the new function "shopping function" will be officially released in Japan.

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