Twitter launches new service 'Tomorrow' that allows you to directly communicate with weather experts about weather information

Twitter has launched a weather news service, Tomorrow , in collaboration with weather experts. Tomorrow is a direct exchange of local weather information with a team of 18 meteorologists, led by meteorologist Eric Holthaus. Since Twitter will be used more and more in the event of a weather disaster, Tomorrow, which can obtain real-time information on local weather information and communicate directly with experts, is considered to be useful for many people.

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Twitter launches'Tomorrow' local weather news service in US

Twitter is focusing on offering subscription services to monetize the service, but Tomorrow is one of the new subscription services. The service started in 16 cities in North America on June 1, 2021 (Tuesday), and the following functions are enabled at the time of writing the article.

・ A function that allows you to ask an unlimited number of questions about weather and weather information to a team of meteorologists, and always get answers.
・ Members-only e-mail newsletter including uncut interviews.
-Early access to podcasts and feature-length content.
・ Discounts on Tomorrow goods and other member-only benefits
-A commitment that 1% of all member revenues will be used to support the organization for the environment.

Tomorrow can be accessed from:


'The weather is what brings us all together. We are very excited to be part of Tomorrow,' Holthaus commented on Twitter about Tomorrow.

According to Mike Park, vice president of products at Twitter, Twitter will see more conversations associated with events such as hurricanes, floods, and fires. 'When Hurricane Sandy struck, the number of followers increased from 5,000 to 15,000 in a week,' Holthaus said, calling for an urgent answer to evacuation in the event of a disaster. 'I would like to explain the weather information in plain language when people need it,' he said, because there are situations in which DMs arrive from people who are there.

Tomorrow membership starts at $ 10 per month. By 2022, Holthaus hopes to expand the service to countries such as India and Brazil, where 'Twitter is frequently used, but there is no highly accurate weather service.' ..

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