A fierce man who made his own PS5 with a golden luxury feeling appeared

The brass full-body metallic PlayStation 5 (PS5) was created by DIY Perks, a YouTube channel that makes various gadgets with DIY.

Building a high-end PlayStation 5 (it was HARD!) --YouTube

The appearance of PS5 is only the following black and white colors at the time of article creation. Therefore, it seems that there is a high demand for changing the appearance, such as the appearance of replacement plates ' Darkplates' for transforming PS5 into black from a third party.

DIY Perks also came up with the idea of changing the look of the PS5 to something more stylish, and chose to use brass for that.

The reason for choosing brass as the material is that brass is easy to process and relatively inexpensive, and has been used for various things since ancient times.

That's why I will disassemble the PS5 at once ...

Remove the faceplate. First of all, make this plate from brass.

Trace the shape of the front plate with paper ...

Cut the brass plate along this pattern.

Bend the cut plate.

Next, create a power button at the bottom of the front plate.

Since the board is attached to the back side of the power button as shown below, even the parts to attach this board are reproduced.

First, use a file to manually process the power button.

If you make a hole in the front plate ...

The power button is complete.

Fix the screws on the back side of the front plate ...

Attach the board and you're done.

Next, we will reproduce the side plate in brass.

The side plate has a complicated curved surface with irregularities, but ...

Can this be reproduced on a flat brass plate?

First of all, the plate is bent manually, but ...

With this, it is impossible to reproduce the complicated curved surface of the side plate.

So, the side plate is shaped with wood ...

Create a crate that fits the side plate perfectly.

Place a brass plate on this crate ...

Fix the four corners with weights.

Then, by heating with a burner, the brass plate is processed so that it has a curved surface according to the mold.

The brass plate maintains a curved surface along the crate even when the weight is removed.

However, probably because it was heated at too high a temperature, the wooden frame was burnt and the upper side of the brass plate became dirty.

Therefore, cover the claws on the back side of the side plate with clay ...

Fixed to a wooden frame.

After that, pour the plaster into the crate.

If you fill the wooden frame with plaster ...

After that, put a weight on the brass plate as before and heat it with a burner.

If you can reproduce a beautiful curved surface ...

Cut the brass plate along the side plate ...


It looks like this when stacked with the side plate of PS5.

After completing the creation of each part, polish the surface ...

Various parts are transplanted from the front plate of PS5.

Then attach it to the PS5 body.

The claws for fixing the side plate and the main body are reproduced by cutting the nut diagonally.

The power button that I worked hard to create ...

USB port on the faceplate

Seen from the front, it looks like this.

Top surface

That's why the golden brass 5 is completed.

Compared to PS5, it looks like this. It is an overwhelming sense of luxury.

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