A hero appears who remakes the exterior of the first Game Boy with wood

The Game Boy, released by Nintendo in 1989, is a popular game console not only in Japan but also overseas, and now, more than 30 years after its release, it is popular not only as a game console but also as a

chiptune device. There oughta be, a YouTube channel that does various electronic work, has released a movie showing how to replace such a Game Boy with a wooden body.

There oughta be a wooden Game Boy.

The Wooden Game Boy - YouTube

A CNC milling machine was prepared to make the exterior of the Game Boy out of wood.

A CNC milling machine is a machine tool that excavates according to data input from a computer. First, create CAD data by dividing the Game Boy's exterior into two parts, the front and back.

The following nine types of drills are used.

First, carve out the back. The wood is walnut wood.

After carving it out, treat the surface with sandpaper.

Apply linseed oil for added protection.

Attach the original Game Boy board to the inside. The basics are from the first generation, but some parts have been replaced with new ones.

This time, cut out the front.

After surface treatment, apply linseed oil.

The LCD screen is not the original one, and new parts have been installed.

The original Game Boy uses four AA batteries. Therefore, we also cut out the lid for the space where the battery will be placed.

However, since it is made of wood rather than plastic, the lid has been modified to use a magnet to secure it.

With this, I succeeded in replacing the Game Boy with wood. This is what it looks like compared to the original original Game Boy (left).

right side

The left side


The top looks like this. When you insert a cassette cartridge and turn on the switch, the clasp comes out to prevent the cartridge from falling out.

Furthermore, there oughta be to replace the Game Boy cassette cartridge with wood.

The game that was replaced with wood was 'Pokemon'. The cartridges were differentiated by the version 'Walnut / Oak' instead of 'red / green'.

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