Mp3 player "Play Yan" for Nintendo DS to expand overseas

It seems that Nintendo will release "NINTENDO MP3 PLAYER" like the European version of the mp3 player "Play Yan" for Nintendo DS. Just by inserting it in the GBA cartridge slot, DS becomes the mp3 player, and it means that you use the SD card for the media. It seems that you can listen to 240 songs with 1GB SD card.

Details are as follows. You can choose between two types of skin, standard and Mario.

The standard is like this.

Mario is like this. It is the same feeling as PLAY-YAN micro.

Nintendo MP3 Player

It seems that the release date was originally planned around November, but it seems to be decided on December 8th. The price is 30 euros (about 4500 yen). in JapanPLAY-YAN microIt corresponds to DS. PLAY - YAN micro supports movie playback, but what about the items here?

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