A splendid sand art movie that draws pictures only with sand and hands

It is a pretty wonderful movie to make a picture with hands and sand without tools. Instead of drawing a picture, it is a piece of work as the scene progresses more and more like an animation. I am using BGM and lighting well, so I will notice myself.

The movie is below. A piece of work famous for sand art called Ilana Yahav.
Sandfantasy - Ilana Yahav - Let's Get Together 2007 - Google Video

This is also the work of Ilana Yahav. Birds are the main characters.
Just Imagine - Google Video

Works in a relaxed atmosphere with no intense scene change.
Sand Fantasy - Google Video

Works on animals.
Sand Painting - AMAZING! You've never seen anything like this (www.bestpastarecipes.com) - Google Video

Work set on the sea.
YouTube - Sandy Fantasy

There is also a masterpiece with more than 9 minutes. This is depicted by the uncle.
YouTube - Man drawing on sand [AMAZING]

You can see other works of Ilana Yahav and high-quality movies from here.

Ilana Yahav - Sand Fantasy - Video Clips

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