Images and movies of cats being washed and being playing with water

Cats say they do not like to get wet, but they do not seem to be good at water itself. Some cats like to wash their bodies, but they all got cranky when they get wet.

There are movies playing with water and drinking water from the faucet.

Details are as below.
Rippin kitten: Washing a cat

I have eyes that seems to disappear.


Astonishing facial expressions?

Only the face is bushy.


Is it a look that is already being washed out?

It looks like a creature.

The following is a movie.

An interesting cat in the water running from the faucet.
YouTube - Maomao - "I love water"

A cat in a bathtub.
YouTube - washing cat

Also in the bathtub, it seems to be playing here.
YouTube - Nomi in the Bath Tub

"Machine which wash cats fully automatically" that became a topic in part. It hates tremendously and is rampaging inside.
Kitty Washing Machine - Google Video

Chimpanzees wash the cats.
YouTube - Chimp Washing Cat

Above continuation. The cat is quiet.
YouTube - A Monkey Washing a Cat.

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