Amazon official denies the problem that 'Amazon drivers are too busy to pee in PET bottles', and a large amount of evidence will be released immediately afterwards

A US MP tweeted on Twitter that 'drivers are forced to urinate in plastic bottles' because they complain that the quotas imposed on Amazon delivery drivers are too strict. When Amazon denied this post, there were a series of counter-testimony and documents published on the Internet.

Amazon denies stories of workers peeing in bottles, receives a flood of evidence in return --The Verge

Documents Show Amazon Is Aware Drivers Pee in Bottles

Amazon Denies Workers Pee in Bottles. Here Are the Pee Bottles.

Mark Pokan , a member of the US House of Representatives, said on March 25, 2021 in a discussion on labor issues at Amazon, 'It seems like trying to crush a union or letting workers urinate in a water cylinder , It's not a 'progressive workplace'. '

Amazon's official public relations account responded immediately to Mr. Pokan's tweet. 'You don't really believe that you're peeing in a plastic bottle, right? If that's true, no one should work for us. In fact, it works all over the world. More than a million Amazon staff are proud of their work and have received excellent wages and health care from day one of work, 'he tweeted, denying Mr. Pokan's complaint head-on.

However, many counterarguments have been posted on the Internet in response to this tweet denying Amazon's busyness of delivery drivers. Journalist James Bloodworth tweeted, 'I've found pee in a bottle. Believe me, that's what's really happening.' Bradworth is the author of the book ' Hired: Six Months Undercover in Low-Wage Britain, ' which tells the story of working in an Amazon warehouse while hiding his identity.

'It's a real thing at Amazon that you can't even pee,' said Will Evans, senior reporter for Reveal, a non-profit news organization. In an article by Evans published in Reveal in 2019, workers testified that 'the quota was too tight to go to the bathroom, resulting in a urinary tract infection.'

Also, in the Reddit community ' r / AmazonDSPDrivers ' for Amazon delivery drivers, there are pictures of Amazon's luggage with a bottle of yellow liquid in it ...

I've found piss bottles from other drivers, but now from the warehouse too ... from r / AmazonDSPDrivers

Many photos of the driver preparing an empty bottle were posted.

I've been saving my vitaminwater to repurpose as piss bottles. I can't wait until next week ... I'll be on vacation then starting a new job. From r / AmazonDSPDrivers

In addition, overseas media The Intercept has released a (PDF file) document about 'employee rule violations' leaked anonymously by Amazon employees. The item entitled 'List of Violations and Defects' contains the phrase 'public urination and defecation.'

Regarding this document, The Intercept said, 'From the testimony of Amazon employees, it is widely practiced that Amazon urinates in PET bottles to achieve the quota, and senior management is aware of this. I can see, 'he said, pointing out that Amazon's tweet, which denied the complaint that employees were urinating in PET bottles, was not the case.

According to the British daily The Mirror, Amazon drivers are subject to a quota of 200 product deliveries per day. The Mirror coverage of this issue can be found in the following articles:

Amazon drivers are forced to 'pee in a plastic bottle' due to hard work --GIGAZINE

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