Amazon acknowledges and apologizes for 'driver unable to go to the bathroom'


Todd Van Hoosear

Amazon's counter-argument to a U.S. Congressman who posted a tweet on Twitter on April 2, 2021 suggesting that 'Amazon drivers are forced to urinate in plastic bottles' was inappropriate. We have issued a statement acknowledging and apologizing.

Our recent response to Representative Pocan

Amazon admits its drivers sometimes have to pee in bottles | Ars Technica

Amazon apologizes for lying about pee — and attempts to shift the blame --The Verge

On March 25, 2021, Democratic Mark Pokan said in a discussion about Amazon's labor issues, 'Even if (Amazon pays employees) an hourly wage of $ 15, they try to crush the union, It's not a 'progressive workplace' if you let workers urinate in a water bottle. ' In response, Amazon's official public relations account replied, 'You don't really believe that you're peeing in a plastic bottle, right?'

In contrast to Amazon, which has been pointed out for a long time, denying the problem that 'Amazon drivers are forced to pee with PET bottles due to hard work ', the Internet is actually working at Amazon Numerous counterarguments and evidence have been posted by people and journalists covering Amazon's labor issues.

Amazon official denies the problem that 'Amazon drivers are too busy to pee in PET bottles', and a large amount of evidence will be released immediately afterwards --GIGAZINE

In response to this reaction, Amazon issued a statement on April 2 stating, 'Our counterargument was an own goal and very regrettable. We apologize to Mr. Pokan.'

In the announcement, Amazon pointed out that the tweet in question had three mistakes. 'First, Amazon didn't consider the large number of drivers, only the fulfillment (FC) center in mind. A typical Amazon FC center has dozens of toilets, Employees can leave their workplace at any time. ' The second mistake was that the tweet in question was posted without proper internal review.

And the third problem is, 'We recognize that drivers can have trouble finding toilets due to traffic conditions, local routes, etc. New Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19) This is especially true if many public toilets are closed as a countermeasure, 'said Amazon's drivers, who admitted that busy toilets can be difficult.

Amazon also said, 'This has been an industry-wide problem for many years and is not unique to Amazon, but we want to solve this problem. We don't know how to do it yet, but it's solved. We will continue to look for ways to do this, 'he said, stating that he would improve the situation in which Amazon drivers are placed.

In response to Amazon's apology statement, foreign media Ars Technica said, 'Amazon seems to be right (pointing out the driver's problem as an industry-wide problem). Drivers of food delivery services such as Uber and Lyft use the toilet at work.It has been reported that it is difficult to find . This is also true for drivers such as UPS and FedEx. This problem is exacerbated by the closure of numerous stores and restaurants by COVID-19. I did. '

Meanwhile, the IT news site The Verge reported that a journalist who infiltrated Amazon's FC center reported that 'warehouse workers are too busy to go to the toilet satisfactorily ', but Amazon said 'FC center' 'Amazon's apology must be annotated line by line,' he said, keeping in mind that 'the staff can always leave their place.' Amazon said it only admits partial problems.

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