It is reported that Microsoft's genuine notebook PC 'Surface Laptop 4' will be able to select CPU between Intel and AMD

Microsoft released the genuine notebook PC '

Surface Laptop 3' in October 2019. Surface Laptop 3 was equipped with the 10th generation Intel Core i series in the CPU, but it is reported that there is a possibility that the CPU can be selected between Intel and AMD in the next generation model 'Surface Laptop 4' Has been done.

Surface Laptop 4: Microsoft setzt auf neue AMD 'Surface Edition'-CPUs,121617.html

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German IT news site WinFuture reports details about 'Surface Laptop 4' which is the successor model of Microsoft's Surface Laptop 3.

According to WinFuture reports, the Surface Laptop 4 will be available in April 2021 with a choice of CPUs from Intel and AMD. As AMD CPUs, Ryzen 4000 series CPUs such as Ryzen 5 4680 U and Ryzen 7 4980 U will be adopted.

In addition, AMD has already announced the Ryzen 5000 series, which is the next generation series of Ryzen 4000, so the Ryzen 4000 is not a state-of-the-art CPU, but it is clear from the benchmark test results that it is more than sufficient performance. It has become.

AMD's Zen 2 adopted APU 'Ryzen 4000' series benchmark released, will it pose a threat to Intel even on mobile? --GIGAZINE

by AMD

As Intel CPUs, the 11th generation Core i series called Core i5-1145G7 and Core i7-1185G7 will be adopted.

Summary of announcements at online event 'Architecture Day 2020' such as Intel's next-generation mobile processor 'Tiger Lake' and Xe graphics --GIGAZINE

A review comparing the performance of AMD's Ryzen 7 4800 U and Intel's Core i7-1185 G7 is also available.

What is the result of comparing Intel's 11th generation Core processor 'Tiger Lake' with AMD's rival horse 'Ryzen 7'? --GIGAZINE

For more details on the Surface Laptop 4, the 13.5-inch model has a resolution of 2256 x 1504 pixels and the 15-inch model has a resolution of 2496 x 1664 pixels. In addition, this is the same size development as Surface Laptop 3, and the aspect ratio of the display is 3: 2, which is also a standard in the Surface series in recent years.

The picture below is a 15-inch Surface Laptop 3.

The maximum memory (RAM) is 32GB, but it seems that it is necessary to select an Intel CPU when choosing 32GB. If you choose an AMD CPU, you can only choose up to 16GB of memory. Also, the maximum storage (ROM) capacity is 1TB, but when selecting an AMD CPU, you can only select a maximum of 512GB.

The news site The Verge said, 'If these leaks are true, Microsoft will take a similar approach to the Surface Book 3 released in the spring of 2020 on the Surface Laptop 4. It means updating the chip with minimal changes. '

In addition, The Verge said, 'One of the main complaints about the Surface Laptop 3 was that it had a shorter battery life than its competitors. When tested on the 15-inch model, we also saw some performance issues. Playing a 4K / 60fps movie caused a serious problem with media export bureaucrats. It would be a great update if the new chip could address some of these shortcomings. ' We hope that the problems with Laptop 3 will be fixed.

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