Microsoft quietly releases model with latest processor in 'Surface Book 2'

It is revealed that ' Surface Book 2 ', the second generation model of 2in1 type notebook PC / Surface Book announced by Microsoft in October 2017, is silently updating the processor to the latest one . New to Surface Book 2 is Core i5-8350U (4 cores / 8 threads) of the 8th generation Intel Core processor.

Microsoft unveils new Surface Book 2 model with Intel's latest quad-core processor-The Verge

Surface Book 2 was announced in October 2017. A high-spec note at the time of release that incorporates a Core i5-7300U (2 cores / 4 threads) of the 7th generation Intel Core processor or a Core i7-8650U (4 cores / 8 threads) CPU of the 8th generation Intel Core processor It was a PC. The detailed specs of Surface Book 2 at the time of the announcement are summarized in the following articles.

Microsoft announces high-performance 2in1 “Surface Book 2”, new 15-inch type equipped with GTX 1060 overwhelms MacBook Pro High-performance-GIGAZINE

Initially, the higher performance Core i7 was for the 8th generation, and the cheaper Core i5 was for the 7th generation, but a model with a new 8th generation Core i5 is selected It is possible. Newly adopted is the 8th generation Core i5-8350U (4 cores / 8 threads), but the selling price is the same as the previous Core i5-7300U adoption model, and instead the Core i5-7300U adoption model There is a discount of $ 200 (about 22,000 yen).

Configure your Surface Book 2

Although only the processor has been changed, it is clear that Kore will have a major impact on performance. Compared with the dual-core processor used in previous models, the new 8th generation Core i5 is quad-core, 'The performance has dramatically improved with Surface Pro 6 equipped with the same CPU' The media's The Verge is written.

In addition, Microsoft plans to hold Surface related events on April 17, 2019 in New York, USA. During the event, the new Surface Hub 2 will be announced.

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