Microsoft's announcement of high-performance 2in1 "Surface Book 2", the new 15-inch model equipped with GTX 1060 has a high performance to overwhelm the MacBook Pro

Microsoft is the second generation model of the 2 in 1 type high performance PC "Surface Book"Surface Book 2We announced. Surface Book 2 is newly equipped with a 15-inch large screen model, and NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 1060 is mounted in a thin housing.

Surface Book 2 - A powerhouse laptop with PixelSense from Microsoft

Surface Book 2 - Microsoft's high performance notebook PC with PixelSense

You can check the design of Surface Book 2 in the following official movie.

Introducing the new Surface Book 2 - YouTube

As with the original Surface Book, Surface Book 2 is a key concept of a 2-in 1 style high-performance notebook PC characterized by a bellows-like design. However, the spec is far higher than the original model, including the Core i7 (4 core / 8 thread) CPU of the 8th generation Intel Core processor "Coffee Lake" generation.

The keyboard is removable and can be used as a tablet PC. Like Surface Book 2, not only the 13.5-inch model with resolution 3000 × 2000 pixels, but also the 15-inch model of 3240 × 2160 pixels newly appeared as in the first generation. The weight when fitted with the keyboard is 1.642 kg for the 13.5 inch model and 1.905 kg for the 15 inch model.

It corresponds to Surface Pen, so it can be used like a tablet ......

It is also possible to use it in Microsoft's "clipboard" style because it has a unique slope with clearance.

of course"Surface DialAlso correspond to.

In addition, Surface Book 2 demonstrates powerful GPU performance in notebook PC state. Optional keyboard part 13.5 inches model can be NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, 15-inch model GTX 1060 discrete GPU can be mounted. Even though it is an extremely thin notebook PC, you can use content that requires high-performance GPUs such as 3D games and VR / Microsoft MR headset.

The Verge has released a movie that checked the appearance of Surface Book 2 of 15 inch & 13.5 inch model.

Surface Book 2 15-inch laptop first look - YouTube

The difference between the size of the 13.5-inch model and the 15-inch model is like this.

Surface Book 2 can also be mounted on the display side with Surface Pen with magnets.

Removing the display ... ....

Mechanism of attaching with metal claws. You can change the orientation of the display with the front and back sides.

The exterior aluminum display has high rigidity. "I think the 15-inch model probably feels lighter than I imagined".

PixelSense display said that color development is very bright.

Pen style input on Surface Pen ......

Corresponds to touch operation.

The 15-inch model is about 1.9 kg, and it is a very light class as a 15-inch size notebook PC.

The display part of the 13-inch model is fanless. There is a slit for cooling on the side, but there is no worry that you will suffer from the noise of the fan. 4 core / 8 threads Core i 7 can be operated without fan.

The keying feeling of the keyboard is also good. Surface Book 2 is 2in1 style, but with no keyboard wobble, there is no wobble and it can be used as a complete notebook PC.

The 15-inch model is equipped with GTX 1060 GPU despite this thin housing, boasting amazing graphic performance as a notebook PC.

In addition, it has USB 3.1 port of general size and full size SD card slot.

It also has Type 3-C USB 3.1 port so you can add external display or external type graphic board. In addition, it is the Surface connector for charging that can be seen on the right side.

A headphone jack is also mounted on the display part. You can enjoy music comfortably even in tablet state.

Regarding continuous operation time, although the measurement method differs for each maker, The Verge is evaluating that Surface Book 2 is capable of continuously playing movies for 17 hours and that battery life is extremely excellent as a thin notebook PC.

About Surface Book 2, Microsoft's appeal of "overwhelming the MacBook Pro with high performance" is similar to the original Surface Book. Compared with the latest MacBook Pro, the display pixel count is 45% better, the battery life is 70% better, and GPU performance is twice as much performance.

Surfaced Book 2 (13.5 inch model) started reservation on November 9, 2017. 7th generation Core i5-7300U, 8 GB memory, 256 GB storage, CPU built-in graphics only model includes 200,664 yen including tax, Core i 7-8650 U, 8 GB memory, 256 GB storage, GTX 1050 discrete GPU model including tax 262 224 yen , Core i 7-8650 U, 16 GB memory, 512 GB storage, GTX 1050 discrete GPU model is 336 6744 yen including tax, Core i 7 - 8650 U, 16 GB memory, 1 TB storage, GTX 1050 discrete GPU model is 390 7224 yen At the time of article creation it is undecided whether the 15 - inch model with GTX 1060 will be sold in Japan.

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