Scheduled to be released within the year, Intel's high-performance CPU name is "Intel Core i7"

Intel announced today that the name of the latest CPU adopting the architecture called code name "Nehalem" will be "Intel Core i 7".

And "Intel Core i 7" has realized high processing performance and low power consumption, it will be released within the year.

Details are as follows.
Next-Generation Intel PC Chips to Carry Intel Core Name

According to this release Intel will release "Intel Core i7" which will achieve high processing performance and low power consumption in the fourth quarter of this year as a high-end CPU for future mobile markets, desktops and servers.

"Intel Core i 7" adopts a codenamed micro architecture called "Nehalem"According to WikipediaUp to 8 cores can be mounted on one processor.

Also, two processes can be performed simultaneously in one coreHyper Threading, We assume that you can execute eight software "threads" at the same time in the case of a 4-core loaded model.

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