4-core new Tegra processor "Kal-El" has appeared, realizing processing capability comparable to CPU for PC with mobile terminal

NVIDIA's mobile processorTegraAs the latest model of the 3rd generation of the series, quad core (4 cores) "Kal-ElWe announced.

Besides achieving overwhelming processing capability comparable to Intel's CPU for PC, it is also capable of playing super high resolution movies exceeding full HD, movies that are actually browsing with crispy, and released in the future There is a road map showing the evolution of a processor for mobile that is ridiculous momentum.

Details are as below.
Tegra Roadmap Revealed: Next Chip to be World’s First Quad-Core Mobile Processor << NVIDIA

According to NVIDIA's press release, the company is said to start production of the new Tegra processor "Kal-El" in August.

Major features. "Tegra 2" of the conventional model was a dual core, but "Kal-El" is quad core (4 cores), and 12 core GeForce GPU which supported 3D is built in, Realization. It can play high-resolution movie of "1440p" that exceeds "full HD (1080p)" on 2560 × 1600 display. It is supposed to realize a tablet terminal equipped with a 10.1 inch liquid crystal which achieved ultrahigh resolution of 300 DPI.

It looks like this actually browsing. I can browse comfortably at speeds that I can not think of as a mobile processor.
YouTube - Project Kal-El web-browsing benchmark

Benchmark comparison using "CoreMark 1.0" specialized for CPU core evaluation.
YouTube - Coremark performance on Kal-El

Benchmark results. It achieves a slightly higher processing capacity than Intel 's "Core 2 Duo T7200 (2.0 GHz)" for personal computers.

Future road map. In 2012, "WAYNE" which realized the processing capacity which is ten times of "Tegra 2", "LOGAN" in 2013, "STARK" which will be 75 times processing capacity will be released in 2014.

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