Fruity juice is a little fruity, "tailor made natural water tailoring" satisfactory taste

New product using "HASSAKU" for "Susumonosezukuri" of "Sapporo Beverage" which is a series that made use of the taste of the material with "no artificial sweetener" and "no coloring additive"Natural water making tailor made as it is rawSince it appeared, I bought it and tried drinking it.

Personally, fruit juice with a little fruit juice is not very good at it, but this product with less than 10% fruit juice, a surprisingly smooth taste is properly made and it is a satisfactory dish.

Details of taste and appearance are as follows.Sapporo Beverages / Producing as raw as you can Tailored natural water

This is "tailor made natural water tailoring". It is 140 yen (excluding tax).

Juice is less than 10%, so not much.

"Production as it is" series is natural-oriented with "artificial sweetener not used", "no coloring added".

Raw material name is like this.

It seems to be a type to drink after shaking well.

Calorie is 36 Kcal per 100 ml, so if you drink one bottle it will be 180 Kcal.

I poured it into a glass. Tickle the nostrils with a citrus scent, saliva will come out.

As I drank it, the simple sweet and sour taste spread to the mouth surely through the throat, which is as refreshing as the highly transparent appearance. Fruit juice is less than 10%, although the freshness of citrus fruits is transmitted, it becomes somewhat strange feeling. By suppressing fruit juice, the original sour taste weakens, weakening, it may well be gathered well as a drink. Among the fruit juices with a low proportion of fruit juice, is not it a top class taste?

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