Intel eliminated "Core 2" series, narrowed down to "Core i 7" "i 5" "i 3"

At present Intel 's CPUs include lineups such as "Core 2 Duo" and "Core 2 Quad" which are the mainstay, as well as "Core i 7" for high - end, but it has been abolished the "Core 2" series "Core i7" "Core i5" "Core i3" It is clear that it is intention to narrow down to three kinds.

Also, the brand name for laptop computers that appeared in March 2003CentrinoIt is said that it will be abolished.

Details are as below.
Technology Intel | Intel's New Brand Structure Explained

According to this article, Intel is currently thinking that it has a very large number of platform brands, product names, product brands and is confusing consumers.

Then, in order to solve the problem, following removal of the CPU brand that is currently on sale as "Core 2 Duo" "Core 2 Quad", according to the specifications "Core i 3" of the entry model, "Core i 3" of the middle class Core i 5 "for high-end," Core i 7 "for high-end, and so on.

In addition to Intel's CPU brand name change, Centrino, a brand name given to Intel's CPU, chipset, and notebook PC combining wireless LAN products, is said to be abolished next year.

Incidentally, it seems that CPU names such as "Atom" mounted in low price mini notes etc, and "Pentium" and "Celeron" used in part are left.

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