A woman who continued to grow without cutting her hair more than 50 years ago

It seems that there are women who have extended their hair to about 1.67 m without cutting their hair for 50 years. This woman was also awarded as a person with the most beautiful hair in the UK in 1986.

Details are as below.Pensioner has not cut hair for 50 years - Telegraph

Jean Burgess lastly had a haircut in 1953. I heard that she has not cut her hair for more than 50 years since she did not like the photo taken at that time.

"If you shorten your hair, it looked like a man," said Jean Burgess.

Jean Burgess who vowed not to cut his hair at the age of 15 got married when he was 20, when his hair grew to his shoulder. It seems that five children were born and because long hair was getting in the way, I tried to cut off my hair on my own once, but in the end I was not able to cut with my own hands.

Currently I only have my hair twice a year, I am 45 minutes to wash my hair and 2 hours 30 minutes to spend my hair. "Although it may seem dirty if it is said not to wash once every six months, the hair has a self-cleaning action by oil secreted from the body, and shampooing every day is destroying the hair I do not think so, "Jean says.

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