Review of actually playing 'PlayStation 5', enjoy beautiful graphics of 4K HDR & realistic vibration of DualSense

Sony's next-generation game console '

PlayStation 5 ' was released on November 12, 2020. With a custom CPU with Zen 2 architecture, a GPU with RDNA architecture, and an 825GB SSD, PlayStation 5, a machine that allows you to enjoy high-resolution, high-frame-rate gameplay of 4K resolution, maximum 120 fps, at explosive speed, will give you what kind of game experience. Or, I actually played.

PlayStation®5 | Play Has No Limits | PlayStation PlayStation 5 (CFI-1100A01): Games

◆ Size comparison with other game consoles
◆ Setup
◆ I tried playing the pre-installed 'ASTRO's PLAYROOM'
◆ I tried to see how PlayStation 4 software can be played on PlayStation 5

The state of opening the box of PlayStation 5 is summarized in the following article.

Sony's next-generation game machine 'PlayStation 5' is finally on sale, and I tried opening it with peripherals - GIGAZINE

◆ Size comparison with other game consoles
Set up to actually play. Xbox Series X was also placed on the desk where the editorial department's game machine was placed. It looks like this when lined up, and PlayStation 5 is about twice as big.

Comparing the widths, PlayStation 5 is slightly thinner.

I also put it side by side with the previous generation PlayStation 4 ( CUH-1000 ). PlayStation 5 is about 1.5 times taller, but PlayStation 4 is slightly wider horizontally.

The width is clearly higher for PlayStation 5.

◆ Setup
When you connect PlayStation 5 to the monitor and turn on the switch, blue light particles swirl ......

Instructions to connect the controller to PlayStation 5. In addition, PlayStation 5 has the copy prevention encryption technology ``

HDCP '' turned on by default, and it is impossible to capture with a PC, so during setup, the monitor screen is shot directly with a smartphone.

Connect the main unit and the controller with the USB Type-C cable that was included with the main unit.

'Please press the PS button on the controller'


The following movie is a picture of the state of PlayStation 5 when starting up. Compared to the Xbox Series X, which emphasizes quietness, the fan noise is still louder. However, it is not loud enough to interfere with the game.

Fan sound when PlayStation 5 is started - YouTube

After booting, the setup will begin. First, select 'Japanese' in the language and select 'Turn off voice reading'.

Internet connection settings. For wireless LAN, select a Wi-Fi network, enter the password, and select 'OK'.

After adjusting the display area, select 'OK'

Adjust HDR in 3 stages. At each stage, adjust the arrow keys up and down according to the mark displayed on the screen, and select 'Next'.

If you have a game disc, if you insert it here, it will be installed during setup. Since I did not get the disc version this time, select 'Continue without inserting the disc'.

Select power off settings. This time, select 'Comfortable' and select 'OK'.

Since the PlayStation 5 system software license agreement is displayed, check 'I agree' and select 'Confirm'.

Select 'Continue' to update the system software.

Select 'Update'.

System software has been updated.

Next, the device software of the wireless controller will be updated, so select 'Update Now'.

After updating the controller, enter your online ID and password to access the PlayStation Network and sign in.

Important changes to the legal document will be displayed, select 'Agree' and select 'Confirm'.

Then change your privacy settings. This time, select 'Concentrate and play alone'.

Select 'Apply'.

An announcement about 'Data Collection' will be displayed. This time I chose 'Agree and continue'.

Announcements about “personalization,” which is the display of ads for recommended games and media. Select 'Agree and continue'.

You will be prompted to protect your account. Select 'OK'.

Two-step authentication using SMS and authentication application is possible. I chose 'Later' this time.

You can also add your mobile number to your online ID in case you forget your password. Select 'later' this time.

Information about parental control settings for PlayStation 5. Select 'OK'.

It is possible to transfer data from PS4. Select 'later' this time.

'Welcome to PlayStation 5' is displayed, and the setup is completed in about 20 minutes.

Also, set to turn off HDCP from the settings. Select the gear icon on the top right and open Settings.

Select 'System'.

It is OK if you turn off the switch of 'Enable HDCP' in the 'HDMI' column. However, be aware that disabling HDCP will prevent some games and apps from launching.

At the stage of displaying the home of PlayStation 5 and PlayStation Store, it is already moving faster than PlayStation 4. In particular, the PlayStation Store, which displays game package images and detailed information, is often slow and unsatisfactory on PlayStation 4, but on PlayStation 5, it works lightly and images and information are displayed instantly. stress-free. In the movie below, you can see Home, the PlayStation Store, and check the streaming service apps that you can watch on PlayStation 5.

Home and PlayStation Store are displayed crisply on PlayStation 5-YouTube

In addition, when I shot the temperature of PlayStation 5 about 20 minutes after startup with FLIR ONE , the surface temperature was about 30 degrees. The room temperature is 25 degrees, the humidity is about 22%, and it's about 'warm enough'. Rather, the Xbox Series X placed next to it has a higher temperature for some reason even though it is powered off.

◆ I tried playing the pre-installed 'ASTRO's PLAYROOM'
PlayStation 5 has a game called 'ASTRO's PLAYROOM' preinstalled, and you can check the features of PlayStation 5 even if you have not purchased the launch title game. So, I actually played it.

At ASTRO's PLAYROOM, you can experience various functions of 'DualSense Wireless Controller' which is the controller of PlayStation 5.


Adaptive trigger

touch pad

motion sensor

microphone. The touchpad and motion sensor were also installed in the PlayStation 4's DualShock 4, but the vibration that is completely different from the vibration so far, the adaptive trigger that gives a feeling to the L2 / R2 trigger, and the microphone that can input voice by default is a new feature.

The main character is ASTRO-kun, who is familiar with the PSVR game '


At first glance it seems like an ordinary action ... ...

Hold down the □ button to grab the cable that appears in the dark, then push the directional key back and pull it out...

A vibration called gugugugu is transmitted to the hand. It's not just trembling, it's a realistic vibration that reproduces the feel of pulling a rope.

And I arrived at 'CPU Plaza'

Cooling fans around ... ...

There is a huge gate reminiscent of the inside of PlayStation 5, such as GPU.

I tried entering the storage SSD.

You can see what kind of game it actually is in the following movie.

The game 'ASTRO's PLAYROOM' preinstalled on PlayStation 5 can touch the new technology of the controller while playing - YouTube

Where you get on the spaceship and close it with a zipper ......

Lightly swipe your finger on the touchpad. Then, the vibration is transmitted to the hand and the feeling that the zipper is caught in the hand.

The spaceship booster is ignited by pressing the L2 and R2 triggers.

Up until now, the trigger hadn't caught at all and I was able to push it in smoothly, but in this scene, the trigger suddenly became heavy and I was surprised to find that I had to apply a lot of force to pull it out.

When you push it in, the boosters on both sides of the spacecraft ignite.

The gurgling booster vibrations are felt through the trigger rather than the grip of the controller.

Also, in the scene where the gun is shot continuously as shown below, the trigger vibrates with Popopopo ... according to the timing of firing the bullet.

When avoiding obstacles on a spaceship ......

By changing the tilt of the controller, you can control the direction of the spacecraft properly.

Below is how you actually ride the spaceship and defeat the boss on the SSD stage. Each stage has a motif of the PlayStation series so far, and after defeating the boss, you will hear a familiar startup sound.

PlayStation 5 'ASTRO's PLAYROOM' where you ride a spaceship and defeat the boss - YouTube

If you press the PS button during the game to display the home, the stage progress and achievements will be displayed. Achievements can also be used as gameplay goals, and people who care about achievements may want to see them while playing, so I felt that it was very convenient to have easy access to achievement information. .

Also, if the game is compatible, it is possible to redo another stage or see hints based on the progress. However, hints cannot be seen unless you register for PlayStation Plus.

When I was playing the game for about 40 minutes like this, I was worried about the heat of PlayStation 5. The temperature on the side was slightly higher, but ...

The area around the vents on the back exceeded 50 degrees, and I felt a lot of heat when I held my hand over it.

◆ I tried to see how PlayStation 4 software can be played on PlayStation 5
As of October 2020, the PlayStation official announced that `

` PS5 can play more than 99% of PS4 games from the release date '', highlighting its high backward compatibility with PlayStation 4. In order to see what it feels like to actually play PlayStation 4 software on PlayStation 5, we prepared a disc of PlayStation 4 exclusive title 'Bloodborne'.

When I put the disc in the drive, the installation started and I was able to play.

Below is where I actually played Bloodborne with 4K HDR. I am able to play without problems. An editorial staff member who has already played Bloodborne commented that ``Bloodborne originally had a fairly long load, but it is obviously faster.''

[4K HDR 60fps] I tried playing the software 'Bloodborne' for PlayStation 4 with the backward compatibility function of PlayStation 5 - YouTube

When I actually touched the PlayStation 5, the first thing I felt was the overwhelming loading speed. As soon as I pressed the button, the game started up quickly, and the game loaded quickly. Of course, by playing with 4K image quality, small letters and patterns are easier to read, and the effects are very beautiful.

Also, what impressed me most when playing ASTRO's PLAYROOM was how the vibration of the controller made the production very rich. Various vibrations were transmitted to the hands according to the game scene, and I felt that the playing experience was deeper. It is unknown how far the new controller's functions, such as adaptive triggers and microphone input, will be compatible with PlayStation 5 software, but it can be said that the feeling of immersion in the game has clearly increased.

In addition, PlayStation 4 games are easier to play with improved loading. It's a nice point that you can start and play from home with the same feeling as a PlayStation 5 game, and by transferring data from PlayStation 4, save data so far will not be wasted.

However, in order to bring out the PlayStation 5's 4K HDR/maximum 120fps or 8K resolution graphics performance, you need not only HDMI 2.1 or higher standards, but also compatible monitors and TVs, so be careful.

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