Play review of 'Demon's Souls' and 'Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition' released at the same time as PlayStation 5, and enjoyed the next-generation game experience with super high image quality of 4K resolution

As for the games for Sony's next-generation home video game console '

PlayStation 5 ' released on November 12, 2020, 20 titles including the pre-installed ' ASTRO's PLAYROOM ' will be released at the same time as the launch title. It has been. Among the launch titles that are expected to demonstrate the graphic performance of PlayStation 5, I actually played ' Demon's Souls ' and ' Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition '.

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'Demons Soul,' a title jointly developed by From Software and SIE Japan Studio , was released as a PlayStation 3 exclusive title in 2009, and a remake version was developed by Bluepoint Games as a PlayStation 5 exclusive title. In addition to being able to play in 4K resolution due to the remake, you can select 'Performance mode' that emphasizes gameplay and 'Cinematic mode' that emphasizes graphics.

Demon's Souls

I bought the download version this time. The game capacity is about 66GB.

The loading screen graphics that appear when you launch the game have evolved overwhelmingly since the PlayStation 3 era.

After launching, make

HDR adjustments before starting the game

The movie starts. Beautiful graphics and power like a movie.

In the scene of picking up a sword that has fallen into a puddle, the graphic of the splash is insanely real.

The fragments of the castle that are destroyed and collapsed, and the dust that is already soaring are also tremendously powerful.

Create a character when the movie is over.

It is familiar in the Soul series that you can finely set the eyes and nose. However, the model of the displayed character is clearly cleaner and smoother than in the PlayStation 3 era.

Then the game starts. The expression of the faintness of the sunlight spilling from the tunnel made of stone is like PlayStation 5.

Light and dark are clear in dark places. You can clearly see the details of the stone wall illuminated by the flames and sparks from the sword.

Even if the camera moves quickly, the graphics will not collapse.

Where to decide the familiar back stub of the Soul series.

And when you touch the keystone found in the center of the garden ...

We arrived at the 'Abandoned Settlement'.

In the PlayStation 5 version of Demons Soul, not only the graphics but also the loading time is exploding. In the following movie, you can see the scene where you actually played Demon's Souls, and after the last enemy killed you and died, you are returned to the resurrection point again. It takes only a few seconds from death to returning to the resurrection point, and you can move on to the next play quickly.

I tried playing PlayStation 5 'Demons Soul' with improved graphics and load time-YouTube

In addition, performance mode and cinematic mode can be switched during the game. When I actually switched to the following movie, there is only a slight difference in image quality, but the performance mode has an image that the player looks a little clearer, and the cinematic mode has the affinity between the player and the background. Impression that is high. On the other hand, I felt that the cinematic mode was a little slower than the performance mode.

PlayStation 5 'Demons Soul' Performance Mode and Cinematic Mode Compared-YouTube

The soul series, including Demon's Souls, is known to be extremely difficult, and instead of having no hints during the game, the enemy hides in the wall and makes a surprise attack, or a huge iron without notice. Full of gimmicks that hurt the player, such as the ball rolling. However, even if the play gets stuck, a function is implemented that will tell you the goal of the game and hints of strategy in the movie by pressing the home button. The following movie is where you actually press the home button to check the strategy and achievements.

PlayStation 5 'Demons Soul' goals, hints, achievements can be confirmed from the home screen by pressing the PS button --YouTube

The Dark Souls series has been remastered, but you had to run PlayStation 3 to play Demon's Souls. However, with the remake for PlayStation 5, the graphics have dramatically evolved and the loading has also exploded, making it fresh not only for those who play Demon's Souls for the first time, but also for those who have played Demon's Souls in the past. Recommended because you can play with a good feeling. However, the difficulty of the game itself is still high, so it seems that patience is required to aim for clearing.

Next, I played 'Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition'. Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition is Capcom's fifth installment in the Devil May Cry series and was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam in 2019. This is the version released for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, with enhanced graphics for next-generation consoles and the ability to turn on ray tracing and high frame rate modes.

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition | CAPCOM

I bought the download version this time. The capacity is about 42.5GB.

When launching the game, it was recommended that you first set your monitor to game mode.

Then adjust the brightness.

Game mode settings. You can select on / off the tutorial display, on / off the automatic story transition function, and on / off the turbo mode. Ray tracing is automatically disabled when you switch to turbo mode, so set it to off this time.

Next, set the graphics. High frame rate mode allows you to increase the frame rate of your game up to 120fps instead of dropping the resolution to 1080p (HD). However, unfortunately it was automatically disabled because the refresh rate of my monitor did not support 120fps.

That's why I played in ray tracing mode this time. In late racing mode, you can select 'Ray tracing disabled' ...

4K / 30fps ray tracing (resolution priority)

Target 1080p / 60fps ray tracing (frame rate priority). However, the graphic settings cannot be changed during the game, so if you want to switch the ray tracing mode, you need to quit the game and set it from the top menu.

Select 'DEVIL HUNTER' as the game mode.

In addition, 'LEGENDARY DARK KNIGHT' with a large amount of demons is for advanced users, and ray tracing will be automatically disabled.

A survey on Capcom's data sharing is displayed. Select 'No' this time.

That's why the game started. Makaiju Qliphoth suddenly appears in the local city Red Grave.

Devil hunters gathering one after another. Dante that appears from the first work ...

Nero, the main character of the fourth work

Mysterious man V gathers.

The action of the Devil May Cry series is basically 'sword' and 'gun'. Cut the approaching enemy with a sword ...

Defeat it by letting go of the gun. The system unique to the Devil May Cry series is that as continuous attacks are decided and the number of combos increases, the 'stylish rank' goes up, and the number of red orbs that can be used to strengthen abilities and acquire skills increases.

You can see the actual play of Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition with ray tracing disabled in the following movie.

PlayStation 5 'Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition' with ray tracing disabled --YouTube

The water surface clearly shows the difference between the presence and absence of ray tracing. When ray tracing is disabled, only the shadow of Nero projected by the light is reflected on the water surface.

And the place where I played with ray tracing (resolution priority) enabled is as follows. The game starts around 37 seconds. There are also scenes where the load is so fast that you don't realize that the game has already loaded and you wait.

PlayStation 5 'Devil May Cry 5' with ray tracing (resolution priority) on-YouTube

By enabling ray tracing, you can see that Nero is reflected on the surface of the water like a mirror.

And you can see the play movie when ray tracing (frame rate priority) is turned on from the following.

PlayStation 5 'Devil May Cry 5' with ray tracing (frame rate priority) on-YouTube

Even in ray tracing (frame rate priority), the appearance of Nero is reflected on the surface of the water. Resolution priority should give better graphics than frame rate priority, but it's hard to tell for fast actions like Devil May Cry 5, so it doesn't matter which one you choose to play.

Gameplay with 4K resolution and ray tracing enabled can be difficult unless you have a fairly high-performance gaming PC, but if you have compatible software, you can easily experience it with PlayStation 5. At first, I thought, 'Isn't it a problem if I can play enough without 4K resolution?', But when I actually experienced the next-generation game machine, the expression made possible by the advanced graphic performance and the speed became explosive. I felt that the stress-freeness of loading was a big attraction.

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