Rogue light shooting & telekinesis action 'Synapse' play review that makes full use of the performance of PSVR 2 to produce an immersive feeling

PlayStation VR2 (PSVR2) dedicated action shooter ' Synapse ' by nDreams , an award-winning VR game developer, was released on July 4, 2023. It is said that it is a rogue-light first-person shooting (FPS) that fully utilizes PSVR2's 4K HDR display, gaze tracking, adaptive trigger, haptic feedback function, and 3D audio, and can fully enjoy the dual-sword action of guns and supernatural powers.

Synapse | Game Title | PlayStation (Japan)

You can see what kind of game Synapse is by watching the following movie.

I tried playing the first-person action ``Synapse'' that fights enemies in the deep world using guns and supernatural powers-YouTube

When I started the game, I had to put on the PSVR2 and calibrate it. Press and hold the Options button.

When the calibration is finished, the game starts from the beach where the setting sun shines.

Movement is done using the left and right Sense controller sticks. The left stick is for movement and lateral movement, and the right stick is for direction change. There are two types of direction change, 'snap' that switches between 22.5 degrees, 30 degrees, and 45 degrees, and 'smooth' that allows smooth direction change, and can be switched by setting. If you are not familiar with VR FPS, snap may be easier to play.

Actually the beginning part of Synapse looks like this. The beach that spreads out on a 4K organic EL display with 2000 x 2040 pixels per eye is very beautiful. The HDR renders the dark indoors darker, and the light reflections are realistic, giving you a sense of presence.

PSVR2 exclusive title 'Synapse' play beginning, 4K high quality first person action - YouTube

To follow the instructions to head to the mansion ahead of the beach.

Inside the mansion were monitors showing brain scans, medical beds and equipment.

As I went further, I found a large-scale device. Someone is sleeping in the center bed.

I was told to put my palm on the LCD monitor, so I did so and the scan started.


Scanning will begin and you will dive into someone's spiritual world. In front of me was a portal that glowed in rainbow colors.

As you approach the portal, a mysterious world spreads beyond it.

Apparently, this is someone's spiritual world, and it seems that they are diving using the equipment that was in the mansion. Get a pistol from a goddess statue that was standing in a nearly monochrome world.

The pistol can be held in the dominant hand and fired by pulling the trigger. Also, when the bullet runs out, the magazine can be inserted into the gun and reloaded.

Also, in the world, there is an item called 'Defiance' that looks like a red petal that resembles a bird. By collecting this Defiance, you can purchase ammunition and physical strength from equipment in the game, and get special abilities.

If you turn the palm of your non-dominant hand up, you can see your physical strength, the amount of Defiance you have, and the location of enemies.

After a while, the 'cover' guide was displayed. By holding down the grip button on the Sense controller and touching a nearby wall or obstacle, you can cling to that wall or obstacle and hide yourself.

When I was sticking to the rock and covering it, I found a shadow that seemed to be an enemy in the distance. However, it may be difficult to aim from a distance.

You can see the movie below where you actually defeat the enemy while hiding yourself with a cover.

PSVR2 dedicated VR first-person action 'Synapse' hides yourself with obstacles and defeats enemies with guns - YouTube

Shoot the approaching enemy with a gun while using the terrain as a cover. Enemies appear from all directions, but PSVR2's 3D audio is fully demonstrated, and you can grasp the enemy's position by relying on 'sounds' such as the enemy's voice and footsteps.

Kill the last one.

Then the portal was displayed again.

When you jump in, a new world spreads out ahead of you.

Get 'Telekinesis' in the next world. You can use it with your non-dominant hand.

The feature of telekinesis is that you can see what you want to move with your eyes and move it with your hands. PSVR2's gaze tracking automatically selects what the player's eyes are looking at.

The following movies actually use telekinesis. With gaze tracking to look at the object you want to move, and haptic feedback to vibrate, telekinesis really gives you the feeling of activating supernatural powers.

``Synapse'''s supernatural power action that can move what you see with eyes tracking + VR looks something like this-YouTube

Telekinesis not only moves obstacles, it can also move some floors to advance.

Explosive drum cans can be lifted by gently squeezing the grip button.

If you move your hand up, down, left, right, back and forth, you can move the drum freely.

And when you squeeze it with a lot of force, the drum explodes. With haptic feedback vibrations and powerful 3D audio, you'll feel like you're a psychic from anime or manga, and your excitement will skyrocket.

Telekinesis not only moves objects to secure routes, but also allows you to hit enemies with the moved objects and defeat them. In other words, the point is not only to shoot with a gun but also to capture while using supernatural powers.

In the movie below, you can see how enemies that are far away from bullets are knocked down with obstacles and drums moved by supernatural powers.

PSVR 2 dedicated shooting & super power VR action 'Synapse' allows you to trample using super powers even if the gun does not reach - YouTube

Headsets and controllers vibrate when hit by enemies. Of course, if you get attacked and run out of physical strength, you will die.

But this is the spirit world. It's not the end when you die, it's a start from the portal again. Returning from death or restarting the game will allow you to 'unlock achievements' and 'unlock skill trees'.

You can unlock achievements to get rewards according to the in-game achievements you have achieved so far.

And you can acquire skills using the rewards you get from unlocking achievements.

Also, when you clear the stage, you can get Defiance and new skills according to the clearing time. The more you clear, the stronger you become.

In other words, instead of just dying and starting over, you will become stronger by strengthening your skills while unlocking achievements, and you will be able to clear zones that you could not clear last time, and you will become even stronger.

Synapse is 'VR FPS using guns and supernatural powers', so you can enjoy the immersive feeling that you can not get with normal game play by making full use of the performance of PSVR2. In particular, the feeling of wielding psychic powers using the Sense controller and gaze tracking has a 'realism' that can not be experienced in games so far, and you can fully enjoy the feeling of a psychic you have seen in various creations. Strategicity is considerably high because it is necessary to grasp the position of the enemy with 3D audio, check the surrounding obstacles, outwit the enemy that comes around the complicated terrain, cover it, and defeat the enemy with supernatural power. If you are beaten by an enemy and challenge again, the terrain and enemy placement will change each time, so it can be said that replayability is high.

The game speed isn't that fast, but VR sickness can come from the fact that 'I don't actually move, but I move around a lot in the game.' When an editorial staff who usually plays FPS on a desktop PC or a home-use game console, who does not get drunk, played for about 30 to 40 minutes, the sickness came around considerably. If you're not used to VR FPS, it's a good idea to play while taking breaks in between.

Synapse is a download-only game and can be purchased for 4180 yen including tax. In addition, PSVR2 is also handled by, and at the time of article creation, it can be purchased for 67,735 yen including tax. PlayStation VR2 (CFIJ-17000): Game

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