Versatile vise that fits any shape 'Fractal Vise'

A vise is a tool for fixing an object, but if the surface of the object to be fixed is not flat, the fixing force cannot be exerted. With a vise named 'Fractal Vise', the part that holds the object moves smoothly and can fit perfectly and firmly fix various shapes such as wrenches and hammers.

Adam Savage in Awe of This Fractal Vise!-YouTube

Below is the fractal vice that YouTube channel Adam Savage's Tested got. There are movable parts on both sides of the part that pinches the object.

The back side looks like this.

The vise can be opened and closed by turning the handle.

Set the wrench in the fractal vise.

When the handle was turned, the movable parts moved along the shape of the wrench and could be firmly fixed.

The handle of the hammer can also be fixed.

The YouTube channel '

Hand Tool Rescue ' has also released a movie with a fractal vise.

Rare Antique Fractal Vise [Restoration]-YouTube

However, the fractal vise obtained by Hand Tool Rescue is a used item.

It is quite old and has some cracks in the parts.

The whole is polished cleanly, and the cracked part is welded.

The fractal vise has been revived as good as new.

Try sandwiching a banana-shaped object.

It was an object with only a curved surface, but I was able to fix it firmly.

Tools with smooth curves can also be fixed.

I was able to fix the tip of the chisel as well.

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